Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Hello readers this is my new blog. I’m Al, 18, male. I started this blog to improve my skills in blogging and also in grammar. I don’t know what genre of topics that I will be going to discuss in the blog but I will give my best on posting the latest news about what is happening today. In posting, I just wanted to express my feelings regarding certain topics, it can be about politics, sports, lifestyle, fashion and even about literature and show business. I don’t blog just for money purposes but I blog for the sake of learning. I hope those who can read the posts in my blog would spend a little time reading and give comments according to my reaction about a certain topic or about the topic that I posted. You can also comment about how I post, or even on what topics that I suppose to post. Comment all you want, I don’t care about offending comments as for me it is learning and I am learning from your criticizing comments on my posts. I just hope that you would cooperate by giving comments in my blog and hope to learn from these comments.

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