Sunday, January 31, 2010

Diary: Day 5: Making The Impossible

This day was brilliant! Our teacher didn't show up again in our physics class and I or we had successfully finished a complicated java program. I love this day. And I got a number from my old classmate and she is beautiful! LOL!(Evil laugh). And I have added an old friend in my facebook account and she is hot too! Yeah! Finally! I got the motivation to play again. Maybe not to be in love again but just play. LOL! Last night, I met my old friend. And we talked about anything that is out of this world! I went home around 12:00MN, still thinking to all of those crazy things that we talked about. We talked about ex-crushes and ex-girlfriends. I also shared about the girls that I liked to court. I told him that I have to choose to the 4 girls that I have seen to be attractive and has the attitude that could make me fall for her.
I also found out yesterday that my brother had a girlfriend! His first! As his older brother, I congratulated him. I took a look to his girlfriend's picture and I just see the girl to be attractive too. Well, congrats to him! Anyway, this is not the time yet to be happy because I the midterm exam is around the corner. I got to get my failing grades back from the prelims. Anyway, just now, we are watching the best fight scene ever in, and the fight scene was so funny!!! Oh my God! just check it out guys! I thought it's a Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris fight scene but it was just a crazy action film. LOL! This is all guys! Have a good day! This is all for today.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Diary:Day 4: The missed article

Good Afternoon guys! I am so sorry that this article is a bit delayed. I am supposed to write this article yesterday but I got hooked in playing warcraft III ladder matches. And it was already late when I realized that I haven't wrote an article for my diary. I just wrote an article about the allstar snubs that were discussed in and So I just took the opportunity to share what I know with you with my insights about those snubbed stars. Anyway, today is a sunny day and it really bothers me because it is extremely hot! We went to the wake of my grandmothers aunt(She's already 82 years old) and stayed there. Had a conversation with some of our relatives which I didn't know. Anyway, my mom and dad did the most of the talking and I just stayed in my seat together with my brother and my girl cousin. It was really boring out there until one of our relatives approached my mom and talks loudly, as if we were dumb! And the saddest part there is that, the mourners are praying! If only I had the chance to tell that woman to be silent, maybe I would do so. I can also see the expression in my mom's face that she was like annoyed on how the woman talks. She even compared me to one of my mom's brothers! She said I looked like Roger, my mom's brother, while my grandma said that I look like Ching. What the! Who am I anyway? It's been an honor to have a face the same as them but thank you. I got my own face and my own name. Anyway, after that, we went to the fast food chain Jollibee and ate our lunch there. Went back home and here I am, writing the missing article. Actually, this is not the missing article. This is the follow-up article( sorry guys:) ).
This is the the missing article: Yesterday, me and my friend Rav dropped by here in my house in the province so we could work on our project. The defense for our project is coming near so we gotta double our time on working on the software project. That went on until yesterday afternoon because he went home at the afternoon. I even managed to blog even at the middle of my work because I'm getting bored. That afternoon, when he went back home, it left me nothing to do. So I decided to play warcraft ladder match and at the evening studied my lesson in java. It was so frustrating and disappointing. I was reading the book like over an hour already and I haven't got anything in my mind yet! Those pile of codes makes me go crazy. I tested it in my compiler and yet I haven't understood anything. I understood some but most of it I don't. And I forgot. I got an assignment to be passed tomorrow afternoon. What a weekend this was. After writing this article I would begin my journey back to the city. Tomorrow is school again. Anyway, I like to share a little about texting. Why are people today instead of using K they use Q like Kung Fu = Qng Fu! And some inventors made G = 6! What a genius! Why not just use the letters. It's just the same thing. Anyway, due to public demand, I am now using Q instead of K. I am so sorry, for those who could relate on what I am saying, what do you think about this? And for those who doesn't, just leave it as it is. I hope Adsense would validate my account. I am still waiting for google Adsense to accept my site. Please accept my site That's all for today guys. Check out for the daily international news in guys. And maybe, just maybe I could write about one of the news there. I mean, I would write my insights about an article there. See ya next time guys!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Diary: Day 3: Reunion(Continued)

Unfortunately this day, my friend didn't show up. What a waste. He went to Manila just this afternoon. First, he wanted us to meet him but there was no time left because we will be having a class at 6pm - the ever exciting philosophy class(being sarcastic). I was really disappointed but anyway I was happy because I got home just in time as my stomach wanted food. LOL! I also discovered this morning that I really suck at warcraft III ladder matches. Or maybe my friend is the one who suck in that game. LOL! Speaking of ladder matches, I haven't seen so many people nowadays playing warcraft ladder matches but instead they only play DOTA. Some only have DOTA in mind. You try to talk to them all they can say is "In DOTA..." what a dunce! Some even cut classes or doesn't go to class because of it. Actually, I almost got in that stage too but I realized that DOTA is slowly destroying my life so I have to moderate my DOTA playing time. So now, I really stink at DOTA. I also regret a little about moderating my DOTA playing time because my friends who are better than me in DOTA keeps on bullying me in the game. And that is why I lost my appetite in playing DOTA anymore. Instead, I play Counter-Strike which is really fun even though you stink at it because you always have a chance to kill those players who keeps on trash talking you every time you play.
Back to my friend folks. I found out that he went to Manila just for the sake of skate boarding. Well, it is his passion. So, it ended up that me and my Chinese friend talking about trash and anything else that we find funny. What a day. I just came home from a very long journey. And I feel like I am refreshed after that very satisfying meal featuring my favorite meat with ampalaya and my not favorite shrimp(I am allergic to it... honestly). This would all be to this day folks. I am going back to my work as a database encoder. See you in my next post guys.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Diary: Day 3: Reunion with the long lost friend

What an amazing day it is! First, our teacher in physics is absent and we were like, "he postponed the quiz? yehey!!!!!". WE just found out that our teacher's grandma was transferred in another hospital this day and the hospital was pretty much in a far away place. The most exciting thing is that we would have a reunion with our long lost friend today. He's gonna treat us to the coffee shop today and talk about trash perhaps - again. LOL! I am really excited to show him my shaved head with my aviator shades. I looked like the villain boss in the movies. I should send you my picture in the next article that i would post. lmao! Since it is still morning, expect to have a continuation of this article. LOL!
Speaking of reunions, movies, teachers and shaved heads, I just found out that among other players(steve nash, dwight howard and idk the other one) Dirk Nowitzki is the guy that is most valuable to his team. WOW! I mean, Dirk is my childhood idol. Ever since I have been interested to NBA games. LOL! That was according to the survey that was made by that among other players that were mentioned above, Dirk is the guy whose more valuable to their team. Dirk and the Dallas Mavericks is on their way to the second half of the season already not to mention the all star weekend is counting down already. They are in the top 4 teams in the west if I were not mistaken. I just want them to go to the finals again and this time win it.
Back to the diary, my friend here in my right is currently playing the game HON(Heroes Of Newerth). I think he is really enjoying it if only you can see his face while playing. He got his game face on. LOL! I cannot even dare to disturb him because of the face he is showing while playing. It's like "Grraarrrr!!!"LOL! We are here in this internet cafe just making time pass away while waiting for our friend. My laptop got busted days ago, so I gotta go in here just to blog. How I wish that I could write my blog in my house just to be comfortable. sshhheeeesssshhhh!!! Our friend hasn't came to school this second semester, he just lost his appetite to come to school ever again. But anyway, I learned a lot from him, especially those trick questions that could blow your mind out. This is all for today guys... I gotta think of something else to write. Actually I don't have anything in mind right now except sleeping. So long guys(to be continued...)

Diary: Day 2 continued...

I'm so sorry that this article has no picture on it. I just don't feel like putting anything in it. About the book that I have written, nobody has read it yet and I am planning not to show it to anybody for I am the only one that could understand it. If I have some time, I could share it here in my blog. These rainy days makes me gloomy, I hate rainy days. It lets me reminisce about the sad things about the life that I have. I just lost the appetite to do some interesting things today. Like hanging out with my crazy friends. I wanted to stay home, blog a little share my thoughts here. This article won't be too long. I hope so. Just joking. I am making this short. I am running out of ideas. What I wanted in life is passing grades, seeing this blog being accepted by google and a girlfriend. About the girlfriend thing, she(the girl that I mentioned in the previous article) is the one I like to be with. I really hate this life. But I wanted to make the most of it. Anyway, this is just all. I am so sorry for being a hassle creating a second page then this would just be the content. Goodnight everyone.

Diary: Day 2 - Lonliness

Another day in my little diary it is. LOL! This day was pretty amazing. First our teacher didn't give us a lecture session about the boring topic of binary trees(continued) instead, he gave us an assignment. Next, I just realized that I don't have a class in the afternoon which gave me time to go to the mall. And finally I also realized that I still have plenty of money left in my wallet to buy me some junk foods and help myself out. Lastly, to be able to write an article in my blog. These days are really tiring, not to mention the weather. I just remembered that the Manny Pacquiao - Floyd Mayweather fight will not be happening anymore. How I wish it would but both camps(I think so) withdrew. Not to mention that I am a really big Pacquiao fan. LOL! Anyways, let us continue with the diary. LMAO. I am slowly loving this stuff. I just say the things that I did throughout the day then all of the sudden these things like the Pacquiao thing pops up in my head.
The elections are already getting near here in the Philippines and so as my grades are not improving. I am in my final probation already and I am scared that I could be forced to shift. Still I am very optimistic about staying in my course, finish it and prove those who have wronged me that I could do it. Over the years, some of my family members doubted on the skills that I could do. As it turns out to be, I also doubted my skills. Until such then I have read about the Secret by Rhonda Byrnes. I so love the book. It makes me feel like I am useful at all. After I have read the book, my family hasn't changed even so I have saved myself last semester from being kicked out from my course. Still they kept on asking me as to whether I could really make it and it makes me nervous. Why are there so many people keep on doubting me. You know what I mean. Am i really that useless? I never shared this problem to other people even so to my friends for they cannot understand. There was one time that I shared this problem to one of my friends in the coffee shop but it only turned out that he just looked at me in the eye(it means he doesn't get it at all). And even to some of my friends and their reaction was... huuuuhhh? what do you mean? And so I decided that not to share this anymore to anybody. Just because I am known to be a funny, annoying and energetic person, that doesn't mean that they don't have to listen to my problems anymore. Even to those people who have shared their problems with me is not interested to listen my side of the story. Some people just doesn't know how to give back. They just wanted to ask, ask and ask. I cannot blame them anyway, it's because that's what they are. I just share all this sad moments here in this very blog and wished that somebody would read this. I wrote a book or it's like a novel titled the sewer rat. It symbolizes me. I really don't know how to express my feelings to others even my optimism is already fading out but I still fight for it, no matter what happens.
Even in doubt, I still continued on what I started. I think my mother has still that anger she has on me, my father still has that doubt that I could make it. And my only brother that doesn't care on what is happening around. Every time a conflict appears regarding about my grades I will be left alone. What a life. Still I kept on fighting that I could prove my parents wrong. And yet I am still in the middle of their colliding eyebrows. How I wish I could be just like my brother, having a carefree life and enjoying his life. What annoys me about him is that he has a carefree life and yet he acts like an emo that he thinks our parents doesn't care for him. I really wish I could punch him so hard that the pain could bring him back to reality. Maybe some people who would read this blog especially my friends would just laugh at me once they have read this but I don't care. I don't want to bottle up my emotions. Some of my friends are really annoying especially my Chinese best friend but I can't blame him for being like that. He feels like he knows everything. He says it is based on his opinions but keeps on blocking my opinions like he wants to surface out his opinion above all. Well, I would just shut up and listen and my thought would say okay, he doesn't understand. What a life, I feel like I am nothing. Friends of mine think that they are superior and had their own world, family members who doubted me and an empty love life.
I really like this girl that I knew just a year ago. I try all my might to be noticed but I think it made her angry perhaps. I just wanted to know her but she doesn't want to know me. What am I gonna do? What a girl she is, I mean, she is attractive. I like her.
Nothingness is the game here. Bad thing about it is I don't know how to play the game. I don't know how to play one-on-one with life. How can I dance with the beat if the beat is too fast for me to handle. Still, I am optimistic that I could change this around. Even my googleadsense is busted. My account is deactivated due to illegal click activities. How I wish I could be re appealed. (to be continued.....).

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Addicted to Manga Comics

All this manga comics is making me excited but the updates are making me crazy. A manga comic can be updated up to a month. That's far too long for me to wait. Right now I am following 6 manga series and all of them take up a month just to be updated. But still the stories are pretty amazing. Depending on the taste you have. They got action, drama, love story and echi(you know what I mean). Right now i am currently reading the manga series ai kora. Wew! it took me a month to wait for the update of the new chapter.
Anyway, even though the updates are always delayed, well I see manga as a fun hobby. I like reading it because of the stories that it could give the readers. I like action and comedy manga. It is so fun to read. Anyway, let's get back to reality guys. I thought that I am just the one whose very passionate in reading manga but yesterday, I found two grown men(college level men) fighting over whose gonna die in the manga series they are following. What the! The other guy said: I think (Name) is gonna die first because he is already weak from all that fighting that he had. The other guy said: No, the villain is gonna die first because the main character cannot die. I've seen it in the movies. Even in hollywood, main characters don't die! The other guy said: well, not all main characters will gonna live at the end! Even some famous actors in some movies dies at the end! and, I hate to continue any further. Their conversation is somewhat confusing but if I were in their place, maybe I would have done the same. LOL!
Just now, a friend of mine named Francis gave me a recommendation that I should read the manga series Fire Candy. At the first page there are adult contents already! Not just that there are people here in the Computer lab including our teacher! lmao! I just found out that Francis too is addicted to manga. I mean, I never thought that a guy like him would be interested to manga but he is. LOL! I even have this long haired classmate of mine who keeps on feeding me with manga series whenever I find myself in the middle of waiting for the new updates. I never thought that my friends too would be very passionate to manga series. Even women in our class are addicted to manga.
To generalize everything, manga comics is just a hobby of taking a person out of reality for a short time. That a person could take out his mind out from the bitterness of life and live in a while in the world of fantasy. And to finalize, I love reading manga because it takes my mind out of the problems that this world has to offer. So guys, being addicted in manga is no big deal. It's just having a good time and relax for a bit.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Diary: day 1(Continued)

I give up! all this java programming gives me a headache. I should take a rest already. I have just sent my assignment to my teacher through email. Hope he could understand the program that we made. We made it without even debugging and knowing what the errors are. I say, I am not that good in java programming. Not that I hate java, almost, maybe. Or it is just because these assignments were given and should be passed in just less than 24 hours. I hate to admit it but life is ugly.
But we should be optimistic about life. Always look up in the sunny side of everything. Even though everything is falling apart. Let us just make the most of our life. I hope i could pass in this Data structure and Algorithms subject.
Anyway, i decided to write a continuation of my diary because it is freezing cold here in the lab and i am tired of doing my java assignment. So, i just decided to blog again. So this is the feeling since it has been 8 months since my last post. Maybe i should reactivate my other blogs and my e-how account. Maybe you would think that i blog for money. I just blog for fun guys but if i would earn, it would be nice. I love expressing my thoughts in any way i could. I hope you could correct my grammar guys, if ever you found something that should not be there hahah!
This rainy day makes me really tired and my laptop! oh my God!- The bluescreen of death if you know what i mean. Reformatting would be a very tiring task to do but that's the only way to solve the problem here. Just read my articles, everyday, i would write my articles in this blog. Good day everyone.

Diary: day 1

Good day! What a day it is today. Another boring day. facing my computer in lab f613 doing our java data structure assignment. Anyway, do you have any ideas on how to count nodes in binary trees using java? or count the leaves? get the height of the tree? and delete the nodes? hahahah! i do not know what to do. My partner at my side, doing nothing but looking at the slides that were provided to us by our teacher, also doesn't know where in the world would we find those codes to complete our assignment.

Anyway, let's forget about java programming and binary trees. It's been six months since I've been blogging. In the past, I don't know what to blog. I blog for sports which i found fun. I blog for show business to show my interests in the wold of entertainment. I blog for politics which i found fun because i got a lot of things to say about it. Maybe i should stick with Diary blogging. I wanted to share my everyday thinking. Maybe i should post some other topics related to sports, show- business and politics if i wish to.

Speaking of politics, politician's are getting busy today with all their fancy campaigns for the upcoming elections in the Philippines. I am already 18 + 1 years old, so i am now allowed to vote for the politicians i wish to vote. There are a lot of politicians out there but i don't know whom i am going to vote. In sports, the NBA is in the Midst of the season already. And i am slowly seeing the teams which will make it in the playoffs(I hope that the Dallas Mavericks will win the championship).

Back to business now, i should go back to my java assignment about Binary trees or else i would miss this homework. Anyway, i am a not so good in java programming. Please help me guys.