Sunday, February 28, 2010

Attitude Changes Everything

Good day guys! I was just thinking about this quote that I have read from several books. Can attitude really change everything? I made a survey and found out that attitude can really change everything. I got several proofs to show you why. First, in sports, when you are playing a game of basketball then you look at your opponent's roster. They are composed of guys who play exceptionally well. But then because of your attitude of never say die, you manage to beat them. One example is the Detroit Pistons beating the LA Lakers in the 2004 NBA Finals. The LA Lakers is composed of Gary Payton, Kobe Bryant, Devean George, Karl Malone and Shaquille O'neal. Then the Detroit Pistons is composed of Ben and Rasheed Wallace, Rip Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince and Chauncey Billups. Weigh them, see the difference. Yet because of the attitude that the Detroit Pistons is showing, they manage to beat LA in the finals. Event though it was a mismatch in the context that LA players is composed of superstars and future legends and yet this Detroit team is just composed of ordinary players who just don't know how to give it up. Next, I got a friend who got failing grades in the prelims and midterms and yet manages to pass the subject? Why? In the pre-finals and finals he got fired up and picked up momentum. Got perfect scores over and over again not noticing that his grades were pulled up. Finally, about you getting sick but still manages to do the work you usually does. Imagine if you are really sick, you don't have the appetite to do things. You just wanted to have a bed rest for the rest of the day. There are people I know who doesn't mind the pain they are experiencing if they are sick. I tried it and it was effective. I was having a fever that time but I got to go to school because I got a quiz to catch up. As I was going out of bed, my body is somewhat pulling me down and I remember somebody told me that just don't mind the pain, it would just be carried away. So I disregarded the pain, I took a bath, changed into my school uniform and went to school. When I was there, the atmosphere suddenly changed because people are so busy that you also got carried away by their busy-ness. When the quiz started, I find the quiz difficult so I just concentrated it the quiz. Not knowingly, I was still having a fever a my head hurts before the quiz started. When the quiz ended, I went outside talk with my fellow classmates, discussed the answers on those difficult items. When my classmate noticed m voice to be different(I was having a flu), he asked me Are you sick? I forgot! I said, Yes I am. Then he said, you should not be here, you should take a rest or else it would get worse. When he said that, I suddenly felt tired. That's then I realized that I was thinking I was sick that I suddenly felt I was. So I went home and took a nap that lasted for 5 hours. I again attempted to think about I was not sick but in the middle of it, I gave up, I lost my concentration and so I went back to sleep. Funny? oh yes it was!(laughs). Anyway, you got to ask what is the reason behind this? The reason is about the psychological effect of your thinking you are not sick. Its just that you disregarded the sickness and do your routine.
Some authors referred to it as positivism. You stayed positive that you can still do your work despite of your handicap. Some even say that it is the power of our brain. They say that our brain is the most powerful thing in the world. I really having a hard time how to explain it but just google it and you'll find the answer. Everything is possible to you. If they can do it and so can you. It is just about the attitude. What is wrong in doing things that you are not good at or you got the handicap on those things. At least you have tried the very best you can in doing those things. Its just the matter of believing in yourself but too much believing in yourself is bad too. Just have it in moderation. Its over confidence if you believe in yourself too much.
To generalize everything, Attitude is the thing that can put you up and down. So, everything is possible. Anything is possible as long as you got the right attitude for it.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bitterness of college life

Good day guys. This topic that I will be talking about is the bitterness of college life. Many of us knows that college is fun. Most of the most unforgettable moments in our life is experienced in college. The things that we haven't done in our lives. College life is everything. Away from parents, legal age and many more. Take note, in college we mold ourselves to become future professionals someday. Here lies our future for us. And this is where all of the craziest things happen not like in high school. But college life is bitter as well, much bitter than the life we had in high school. As for me, Grade school and high school is just a from of a preparation for us to go to college. In college, things are much more different. Terrifying professors, crab-mentality minded classmates and being a irregular.
First thing I would tackle about is the terrifying professors part. Many of us college students experience failing. There are many reasons in failing. But the not so valid reason is you did your best in passing the subject but your professor's way is not about going to your favor. Like his/her way of grading students, his/her grading basis and the lecturing sessions. Most terrifying professors had this grading system that once you failed once, you can never get back on track. If ever given a removal exam, if you fail then that decides your future for the subject. And the lecturing session too. The boring lecture session that makes you daydream the whole class. With his/her terms that he/she could only understand. Their explaining method that he/she thinks that your are smart enough to catch the idea he/she wants to give you. I got a friend that shared me about a story of their teacher. There are 40 students enrolled in this particular subject including him. Right at the very beginning they have noticed that their teacher doesn't want them to pass. If they are willing to, as if the teacher wanted them to cry with blood. At the end of the semester, there are only 3,excluding my friend, who passed the subject. Imagine that? 3 out of 40? A harsh way to handle a class and to think that my friend is known to be a high achiever in terms of academics, failed to that subject.
Next is the crab-mentality minded classmates. Do you ever experienced asking to your classmate regarding one topic then he/she would just say I don't know then at the end she got perfect on a quiz regarding that topic? Many college student does that maybe because of the thought that college decides your future. But it doesn't have to be that way. Why can be so greedy if somebody just ask for your help in letting him/her understand about a certain topic? It's not that he/she is asking about your answers.
And finally being an irregular student. It is the hardest thing to be if you are a college student. You can be in any other class with different classmates. Some even play small on you just because you are an irregular. Underestimating your abilities. One thing, irregulars had plenty of free time or rather vacant time. Like your class end at 10am then your next class is at 4pm. That is a lot of free time your got there dude(Smiles). And take note to the irregulars out there, once you are in a class that doesn't belong to your section, have friends with the regulars of that class not to your fellow irregulars or else there would be no future for you in that subject. Good day guys!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Philosophy: Social Inequality and Poverty

Good day guys! This topic is one of the most sensitive topics that every person, organization or the world would talk about. The topic about social inequality. We often ask ourselves what is social inequality. Social inequality is the term used if the people in the marginalized section had this certain discrimination that is made by the people who are superior or higher than them in terms of economic stratification. It is simply known as other people doesn't get what they supposed to have. Because of this people in the marginalized section would become poorer and the people higher than them becomes richer. Why is it? People nowadays, especially to those in the higher part of the social stratification triangle is having all these opportunities to rose higher. Why is it? Because of income. Income is the basis of our stratification wherever we are in the world. One has a higher income than the other it means this particular individual has more not just in the context of natural resources but opportunities too. Opportunities to get a higher paying job and the opportunity to get richer. Without income then a particular individual is deprived of his/her opportunity to develop. There are a million of reason that we can name but I would like to site one important reason. As of today, education is very important. This is the easiest way to get to the top. Without this, one would end up in the marginalized section. And education nowadays is getting expensive yearly. Yearly there would be a tuition fee increase. A certain individual regardless of his/her social stratification can make his/her child go to school up to high school for free because of the public schools. only a few can go to college because of lack of financial support even though there are a lot of organizations nowadays that offers a scholarship program to the less fortunate but we must consider about the rising number of the people in the marginalized section. Not everyone is accommodated by these scholarship programs. As a result, people who cannot go to college would end up getting a blue collar job and it would be a part of the circle of his/her descendants. How sad it is to hear this kind of thing but this is the real world. Take note, not all of those students who get a college degree could secure a job for themselves much more if one don't have a college degree.
Many of us kept wondering what is the source of the problem. Simple, it is because of this social stratification. We create boundaries within us that we give the opportunities to those only who can afford to bring their kids up to college and even giving them a post-graduate course. How can we solve this? Nobody except us can solve this. No politician or organization can solve the problem of poverty. It is within the person's personality. It is about a person's determination to rose up higher in terms of social stratification. There was one quote which I read saying that 'Poverty is the lack of ability of one to give values to which he/she should be valuing about'. It means poverty is just about the attitude. It is easier said than done but it is the reality. We must all know that if one belongs to the marginalized section, he/she should strive more because he/she got the disadvantage over to those higher in terms of social stratification than him/her.
How to help them? There are lots of agencies, organizations and even charities that were formed by people both politicians and non-politicians to conduct seminars and teachings to improve an individual's knowledge on how to conquer poverty. It is up to the people if they would listen or care about it but it's one important thing to know. If one is unable to give importance to this knowledge that has been shared unto them then therefore this individual could never rose up from where he/she is standing. Even I had listened to stories to people who came from the marginalized section and eventually rose up. Each one of them has their own secret and it is very common among them. It is about the attitude. The more one would pity him/herself the more he/she is pulling him/her down and the more he/she couldn't develop in terms of social stratification. It is not that I am biased but I also listen to the other side(the marginalized section). Here is the common denominator among them, they tend to not give value to those opportunities that requires them to give extra work. They tend to say 'Just forget about that, anyway it is only by chance that we could grasp this opportunity'. That is one big mistake out there. Let us take in consideration the chances. Always take count of the chances, what if you can be the lucky one who could grab the chance? Even not, at least you have tried and give your best shot. There is no mistake in trying and failing after. It is a part of our learning curve as human beings to experience failure in order to win. We cannot win unless we have faced failure a couple of times. Lucky for those who can afford but them too should exert some effort. Because they are already there they must utilize themselves that they have already grasp the opportunity.
I generalize that Social inequality and even poverty is unsolvable if our attitude is a negative in facing them. No person or organization can solve this even how much effort they have exerted. It is always about the attitude.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Diary: day 12: Bad memories

Good day guys. I was having my siesta hour this afternoon. I went home in the province over the weekend so I got a lot of fresh air. The negative thing if I go home is that all these bad memories comes back to life. It bothers me to the extent that I sometimes lost my mood in doing things. Like this afternoon, I always had this habit of taking a siesta. Suddenly all these bad memories went back to life as if they were true. What a terrible nightmare. The worst among those were the time when I failed a subject. I feared that I would fail again this time. I couldn't afford to do so for I would be forced to shift it I permit it to happen. If something like that would happen then I will not forgive myself. I could imagine my dad's glaring eyes, my mom's loud voice as if it were to kill me. I am afraid for I don't fight back. I don't talk back. I just hold back myself and let them do everything else. I don't know where to go after this. I don't see my future anymore unlike the past years where I found myself in the midst of achievements. I was so scared that the worst would happen. I couldn't blame anybody else except for myself. Where am I going to go if it would happen. What would be my future look like. All of my dreams that I have chased would just transform into dust. It would be a sad reality for me.
Starting all over again would only be the solution. I would like to do it but I don't feel like doing such because its been a long way then. If it would happen I would be the biggest looser that I've known. I will never forgive myself. My family would never forgive me as well. What would be my future? Where would I end up after that? Would be my friends be there to support me? The friends that I've known to be true. So much for that. I'll just hope that the worst would not happen. I would never let it happen.

The Sewer Rat's Prayer

God Almighty, Here I am with my dirty hands
Thank you for giving me another day, another day to fight for. Thank you for helping me survive the previous day. And thank you for all the blessings that you had blessed me. Please forgive me O Lord for all these unrighteous acts. For from the beginning of my existence, I have already sinned. Bless all those surround me, whether they are bad or good; Mistreated me or helped me. Give them guidance, love and perseverance as they live their lives. Help me be enlightened O Lord. What can I do with this nothingness that I possess? How can I be useful despite of my uselessness? Give me patience O lord as I conquer each problems I face. May you guide me in solving them one at a time. As I finish each day O Lord, I will honor your name. For I always believe in you. Thy mercy and love that you gave me unconsciously. I bow down my head to you Lord as I rest. May you bless me another day O Lord. These things are all I ask and tell you. In your name I pray. Amen

Diary: day 11: Blue Screen of Death Solved!

Good day guys! I am so happy that my blue screen of death issue has already been solved. It's kind of annoying that you wanna work on your school files when your computer is unavailable because of it. The blue screen of death appears if the memory on your computer had crashed. In this article I will share to you my adventures and misadventures in solving the blue screen of death issue.
First, when the blue screen of death appeared on my laptop I was confused how did or why did it happen. I was working on my school works when my laptop hanged up. Because of me being impatient, I hit the reset button then bang! The Blue Screen of Death. Next, I was so shy to ask my classmates what to do with this blue screen of death. I was scared that they would tease me. And again, because I am impatient, I had gathered enough courage to ask one of my friends what to do. He said, 'You must reformat your laptop. That is the only way Trust me'. I followed his advice and got a windows XP cd(note: It was registered and it was original). I asked him how in the world would it read the XP cd. Simple, boot it up using the bios set up then set the CD/DVD as your 1st boot device. Then restart your computer and put on the cd. After that, I followed every step then I suddenly encountered the Insert Boot Device message and Press Any Key. So I pressed any key. There, the installation took place. I just followed the steps. With the help of I was able to find some instructions. I just followed the steps then I became impatient again. I just clicked and clicked and I encountered the Press Any Key message again. So, I pressed anything. Suddenly I found myself in rebooting my CD/DVD again. LOL! As I read again the instructions, it said there that once you encountered that message again, you just have to wait or else you would start all over again. I was so frustrated that the 30 minutes that I spent went all to waste. I got no choice but to start all over again then I have read the instructions every step of the way. Then I got it. I successfully reformatted my laptop. The sad thing was, some of my important school files and software are deleted due to the reformatting process. Next time, I should provide myself a back up in case it would happen again. To those of you who also encountered the same problem as I do, the internet is always there for resources. I was sorry that I forgot the URL of the site where I got those instructions. That would be all guys. Have a good day. May God Bless you all. :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Greed and Crab Mentality

Good day! Have you ever experienced being pulled down in the midst of glory? In the midst of the wonderful momentum towards success? Crab Mentality it is. Instead of congratulating or helping someone, pulling them instead is what it meant. Crab mentality is a form of greed. It means pulling one down instead of helping him/her out. It is kind of annoying if you got someone pulling you down even though you have done the most out of it. Why are there many of people being like that. As if they do not want to be get ahead of by someone. It doesn't really matter at all if that someone had done the best out of it.
I got someone I know that possess this kind of mentality. This friend is good in academics and other extra-curricular activities. But then if this friend notices that somebody is getting up ahead of her she immediately takes action on stopping these person whatever it takes. There was one situation that we are having a surprise quiz. The teacher announced that the quiz will an open notes quiz but sharing of notes is not allowed. The teacher announced it loud and clearly then suddenly this friend of mine raised her voice on my seatmate that made a last-minute review. Then my seatmate whose very annoyed, yield at my friend. As for me, there is no reason for my friend to raise voices over our classmate that only had a last-minute review. Lucky is my friend that she had known before the class started that we would be having a quiz. There some situations too that I find y friend very annoying because of my friend's display of crab mentality. Why is it that you have to pull one person down if you know that he/she is doing the best that he/she they can.
This attitude has a lot of negative effects towards the doer's life. I mean, with this display of personality, many and many people would hate you. And eventually many would turn their backs on you. People are not foolish enough to help those who pull them down. We all now its bad but let us wake up in reality. People don't care about these things. To generalize everything, Crab Mentality is therefore an attitude that could eventually pull you down even though you are the doer of the action. Good day everyone.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Diary:Day 10: Annoying personalities and Valentines

Good day guys! Exam week is over and summer break is just around the corner. Today, I got my exam results in my physics exam and as expected, I got it. I passed it! I am so happy that I wanted to show it to everybody. Anyway, my valentines day was a lonely one. Never had a date but instead, I got a date with my family. Suddenly. the worst came out. I got sick, I had flu. My body cannot take its beating anymore. I really have to go. When suddenly my uncle said that I got sick because I got no date. Well, that settles everything else. I got so angry that I forced my dad to get me a taxi home. I was really in a bad mood that day. All those dragging around the mall made me dizzy. I haven't fell any of it in the morning that I was so willing to go with a date with them. When we got ourselves handful in the mall, my body seem to give up. I fought the feeling but I can't take it anymore.
About the diary, I made a delay on my diary again. Anyway, last night I spent my night in the coffee shop talking to my friend. We didn't talk about nonsense but instead we talked about things that could really fire us up with anger and frustration. We discovered that things such as self-pity could easily frustrate a person. Take for example me. I got no money then suddenly a friend of mine, jokingly ask me to treat him to a food trip then suddenly I would say that I got no money because I am poor because my family cannot afford to give me so much allowance. What would you feel? I see it as annoying. Another is when you help someone with something then suddenly he/she would say 'what if'. I hate that. Take for example my friend asked me to help him with his assignment. In the middle of the process he would suddenly say, I wanted to change it. I don't feel like doing it. You would say 'why?' then all the 'what ifs' in the world would appear. Lastly, people that don't have any word of honor. Once you said it, you must do it unless emergency happens. Take for example, a friend of mine would tell me that he would go with me in the province for a smell of fresh air. Then suddenly, when it is time to go he would suddenly say 'I can't go'. Isn't it annoying? Well. so much for that.
About the valentines, I never got to ask someone to go in a date. I got a lot of plans but not of it went to action. Anyway, if any of that went into action, all of those would just go into waste. My brother ask my mom that he would be having a date with his girlfriend but my mom said 'no no no' to him. Because we will be having a date as a family. After that my brother's face became untraceable. I cannot blame him for that but its like the situation of the egg and the chicken. Which comes first? the egg or the chicken? You gotta choose with your girlfriend or your mom. Difficult decision huh? well, that settle's everything up. My debts went up as the Dallas Mavericks got beaten by the Oklahoma Thunder. They rose up to P200. Wew! What a mess it is. Anyway, so much for that. That would be all guys. Good day.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Diary: Day 9: Fraustration and Joy

Greetings guys! The exam week is over and yet I still had to tend to one last subject. Our Java subject. The teacher delayed the exam because as what we speculated, the exam would be difficult. So, I went home here in the province yesterday because I wanted to focus on studying but I don't have the appetite of doing it. So, I ended up here, blogging. Anyway, there are a lot of things that I would like to share to you. The past few days, I was unable to blog because of the exams. In other words, I got a lot of things to tell you about. Last Wednesday, we had our exam in physics and that was a blast! Thanks to the book that I have borrowed that all of the things that I have studied there went out in the exam. I was so lucky. The supposed to be 2-hour exam, was done in only an hour by me. I am really proud of myself. At least, it adds motivation to my part that I am really good in math especially to those equations that you have to derive. Our teacher calls it playing with equations, some call it headache and I call it challenge =)) I got two subject down keying in with two victories among them(I mean I passed the exam). I got three more-two majors and one minor.
The next day, another attack(I mean exam) was conducted by one of our major subjects. I studied very well before the exam. Studied all of the codes and commands. After an hour, Victory! I passed the exam again. Earlier that day, we had an exam with our Theology class. The exam was tough and yet I still managed to escape(I am still not sure if I had passed it). My concern right now is about my Java subject. I gives me shivers down my spine. Especially that I am not really good at java programming. It's even frustrating that I a third year student still unable to master programming.
So much of that. Instead of thinking about frustration, let us think of something else Something positive I suggest. Just to change the direction of the wind. Right now, I was thinking of a valentines date. i don't have any date. Oh my, I wish I had one. I wanted to date that girl that I really like. But she will always remain a dream for me. I got this notion in mind saying that "What would you feel if your dreams ,unexpectedly, came true?". It would be nice but let's get back to reality guys. She will always be a dream for me. I hope she would notice me=)) Anyway, so much for that guys. I'll be blogging this week. My exams are over and I am expecting an all A-grade this midterms. Good day guys!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Diary: day 8: C'est La Vie!!!

C'est La Vie!!! Good day! This week is our exam week. I got tangled up in borrowing books from my classmates that caused me to delay my entries in my blog. I must cope up with my grades in namely Physics, DS algo and cisco networking. Oooohhh! I forgot I just named all of the major subjects that I have taken this semester! All the remaining subjects are SAD, Philosophy and theology, two of them are minors. In short, if I fail in any of the three subjects that I must cope up with, would throw me out of the division without any hesitation. Speaking of hesitation, the division is getting stricter in our cut-off grades. I got a classmate, who only lacked point(.) something so he could reach our quota grade, got the probationary form of doom! What The! I am getting nervous these days already so gotta give it your all, give everything as if it is my last. Motto of a warrior as I would say. LOL! But all I said is true! Gotta fight. I have lost many battles already. I do solely believed in the saying 'You gotta lose to learn how to win'. I on the other hand, lost so many already so there is no need for me to taste defeat - again. I already tasted it many times in my life. All those embarrassments, failures and series of wrong decisions, enough is enough. I don't think I can take any of those if it were to happen again. Tomorrow would be a day in the temple of doom! We are going have an exam in our theology regarding human sexuality and in Cisco Networking. Anyway, if any of you wondered that C'est La Vie means, it means 'Such is Life'. While writing my entry I got carried away in watching my friend playing game in y3. I feel like I wanted to play the games he is playing and I am feel like I am good at it. LOL!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wasted efforts and Irritation

Good day everybody. For many years, we human beings are known to gain something out of the effort that we exert. What if you have exerted effort and yet there are no result? Just like in girls, you put the effort in texting them, chatting them and saying hi to them and yet nothing from them. Instead they choose bastards who doesn't even give the effort to do those things. They kept on chasing them and waste their efforts unto them? I have the same feeling right now. Maybe the efforts that I am exerting are not enough or I just lack the ooze that they are talking of. Same as it is in school. You exert every effort that you have, give everything but in return you failed to pass the exam. WHY? Then your parents would get angry at you and tell you all about the expenses that they have to spend and all the hard work they are in to let you study in a prestigious school in college. And all you can do is bow down and cry yourself out. Cry until you ran out of tears. Blame everything to yourself that you are the most stupid guy in the whole world. Even though what attitude you put in. The optimism in you will always be lost. There are times that these optimism will fade. I chatted to somebody right now and yet I received no reply from that someone. I hope this someone would reply at me. I would be very happy even to the simplest of replies. I know somebody whose a friend of mine. She calls me often if she has some favor to ask me. But if it's my time to ask her a favor, she would not reply on my calls. Sometimes I feel like I am just being used. There was one time that she ask me a favor to make her a HTML webpage. I did everything I could, I even have sleepless nights with it. When I gave it to her, there was no word, not even a single thank you. A week later, I asked her if how was the HTML that I made for her. She said: 'I didn't use it, I used the HTML that was made by my friend'. That really hurt, she said that in a simple manner but every word she uttered hit me like I am stoned to death or something. What a waste, but I just smiled and said okay. Up to this time, this girl is still the same. I really hate that kind of attitude but that's what she is. I cannot do anything else but just to see all my efforts go sucked in a black hole. Why are there people who are like these? You give everything but in return, they don't just give you even a simple complement. As of today, I am avoiding these kind of people. If they want something from me then they must be sincere about it, especially to those people whom I know to be effort-eaters. They go to you teary eyed asking for help and then after that they would now show up anymore if it is your turn to ask for help. There are also people who doesn't allow themselves to be beaten up even up to the simplest of things. I got a friend who even in simple opinions he doesn't want to be beaten up. Take for example, if we are talking about something then opinions would start to rain down, suddenly he would refute all of our opinions making his opinion above of all. I am really irritated at that kind of attitude because it destroys gossips, it could even cause trouble and fights.

Diary: Day 7: Blatant Poverty

The face of poverty it is. Good day people. If any of you have read this, please help us. Look at the poverty that we're suffering right now here in the Philippines. People like them are so pitiful. This is the Poverty around the Philippines. I know that helping people without helping themselves first is bad but the main problem we're facing is that poverty is spreading because of corruption in the current government today. Although I am unable to name the officials that were corrupt and even though I know their names I wouldn't publish their names. It is bad to name names and point people. Many had said that poverty is about the attitude that an individual is facing. Poverty is the lack of capacity of an individual to choose which thing is important. As a guy in the province, I am exposed to many kinds of poverty. There are even people who just eat once a day and manage to survive throughout the day. I say it is unbelievable but so pitiful. Look at ourselves, we can be able to eat thrice a day and yet these people cannot. Unfair isn't it? But I would like to stress out that these article is not just about pitying on us. But a lesson that should be learned by many people that facing life is about attitude. Facing poverty is like trapped in a corner surrounded by enemies. That one have to follow what those people who trapped them let them have to do. I have heard many stories of poverty from some of my friends and relatives who are exposed to it. There was one story of a barangay captain telling his people to have family planning, not family planting because in return, they cannot have the fun and enjoyment they can have because of the children they have. But instead of taking it seriously, one guy replied: "captain, because in sex we can have the fun and enjoyment". I was shock when I heard my uncle said this. I said to myself that, you can have safe sex without making your wife pregnant. There are a lot of contraceptives today. Poverty is just about the attitude that people had. I even had an experience talking to an individual, I told him, Mr., why do you let your children just stop from schooling? Education is very important and if one cannot achieve a college degree, work would be difficult. Even those who graduated in college have to journey abroad because not all of those who graduated could find work here. He answered me: "What is the use? we are poor, I cannot afford to bring my children to college". I answered: " There are a lot of ways to do for you to go to college. There are a lot of schools today that offers a low tuition fee and there are a lot of politicians and organizations out there that offer scholarship to those who are less fortunate". "All you have to do is to let your children do well at their schooling especially if they are already at their high school so the other people that offer scholarships would support them". Then, he stared at me badly, and said: "It is easy for you to say that because you are attending school at a university! You can never be able to experience our pain!". I was very annoyed when he answered me like that, so I just leave him as is. And said to myself that why are there many people there who is as poor as this guy can make their children finish up to college? I just don't get it, then I realized that it is just about the attitude of one person. If he/she is willing to give everything for the sake of development within thyself then he/she would do it! I really hate people who goes self pity if they see that they don't have this. As to my point of view, mercy is granted to us by the Lord if we help ourselves at the very best we could. If we want to change ourselves, we must change our attitudes first. Politicians cannot save poverty, they are just there to help and support the people but it is up to the people if they are willing to change themselves. One thing that I have observed about them, once you had helped them, they would just ask for more and depend on the help that one is giving until they become mad because some of those people who used to help them stops helping them. As to my point of view, this is the cause of poverty. The concept that I have provided above corresponds to the reasons that I write. Poverty is the lack of capacity of an individual to choose the right reason to believe in.
That is all folks. Good day!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Diary:Day 6 : Luck and L:ovelessness and News

Good day guys! My luckiest day so far guys! for the third time, our physics teacher - again, didn't show up! Maybe his grandma is in a really serious situation. I am so upset yet so happy because last night, I am supposed to be jamming with my friends. Talking about anything around the clock. But I have to go home early for the reason that I am to study for our physics exam. The exam was supposed to be held today but our teacher was absent. Because I haven't stayed last night for jamming, I have missed a lot of things already. Anyway, just now, our another teacher for our next class, again, didn't show up! I could just have stayed home and slept for half a day and write entries for my blog because my entries are a little too late. I am not having my usual routine already of blogging everyday. My diary entry which is supposed to be everyday, I am having it every other day. Last night, I was so bored, so I decided to text my friend if her class was already over but I didn't receive any reply from her. So I decided to go out treat myself for siomai, my favorite! Until sleepiness hit me like a rock. That was after eating 5 siomais. I was like, did you mix any sleeping pills with your siomai mister? After I'm finished drinking my juice, I went back to my boarding house and slowly fell asleep. I was so scared because I haven't had any serious reviews about our physics coverage for exam. Yet I was still thinking about me having no girlfriend. This was the longest streak of months that I don't have anybody holding my hands and waist. How sad, but still happy. No boundaries, NO limits, AND especially I can do anything without considering anybody's feelings about it. Like, going home late at night or early in the morning without somebody worrying about me and keeps on calling me on the phone asking me "where are you already?" or in my free time, I can do the things that I want. Other than you have anybody around bothering you in your free time even though you wish to do something else. Lastly, the type of If you go to the mall they would bug you to go here, go here, wait here. Until your knees and feet are already tired and burning. You wanted to sit, they wouldn't let you because "let us spend more time together". But the bad thing about that is when you are bored and your friends are occupied , you can just go straight to her, give her some love and spend the whole day with her. Especially me, who easily gets bored on something that I usually do. How I wish I could find somebody that could tickle me to the bone. I was planning on dating other women and courting them but time and THEM doesn't permit me to do so. Maybe I was expecting so much on having another girlfriend. It is said there in the book Happiness now(I forgot bout the name of the author. I's so sorry), the more you expect about love, the less likely it would come. So expect less and in an unexpected way, it would come. I feel like my brother is better because he had his first ever girlfriend early January. I congratulate him for successfully being a man!
Enough with those diary stories, about the latest news today that I have read in yahoo. According to more and more fighters that were joining the UFC and MMA fighting arena. Take note, THEY CAME FROM MINISTRIES! I mean, they fight carrying the name of their ministry. And their pastor acting as their coach! There are two reasons why this has happened. First, Jesus is a born fighter because he fought how what he believed on until death. Lastly, so that young men whose attendance in the ministry is low would gradually increase. Lame? I think not. LOL! Very smart I should say!
Another would be the new plane that Billionaire Richard Branson and the Virgin Group is unveiling. Not really ordinary but wait! The strange thing is it could fly! - underwater. According to or check this link out that this new plane that will be unveiled will be operating underwater. It could dive around 100 meters and has a typical speed of 2 to 5 nautical miles per hour. It is said that the plane uses its downward pressure from its wings to fly underwater. It could carry a pilot and two passengers it could flew underwater for two hours. The open cockpit could provide the riders a 360-degree view around it. WOW! Fascinating! It is said in the article that it will be launched on Feb. 20. Just check out the link for more details.
Now back to my diary, up to now I have been having problems on how to make my blog be accepted by google adsense. They say I have put in the incorrect postal address. I have put in the right postal address and I have been doing that four times already and yet the replies are still the same. Please have mercy on me google. I didn't see any problems at all. Anyway, things in my life are going normally as they usually do. A sunny day that make people's armpits wet, a teacher that doesn't have the appetite to teach us new lessons and going home to our province every weekend. The only thing I am nervous bout this time is about our upcoming exams. I already have a successful campaign about having a high score in my philosophy exam. I got 88% in my exam. YEAHBOY! but still I am upset about my laptop. I haven't figure it out how to fix it. Every time I turn it on all those bad words and curses comes out in my mouth! That laptop make me do bad things! I swear! I cannot solve my programming assignments with my laptop but if I use another computer or laptop. I can manage to finish my programming assignments! What's the matter, I can't think well with it. Maybe because it has stayed with me already for over 4 years. Or maybe it has a curse on it but still that laptop has a sentimental value for me. LOL! Right now, I'm listening to the song Sunshine Of Your Love by cream led by Eric Clapton. The song is so cool. The were having a live performance on stage and Eric Clapton is holding a cigar! and smoking it before they played. Take note there are a lot of people! The oldies are so cool! I wish I were born on their time! Clapton was extremely awesome! WOW! Anyway, this is the end of the post now. Good day guys!.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Laptop with the bluescreen of death and Pessimism

Greetings!!! What a pain in the neck it is. This blue screen caused me to go to the nearest internet cafe just to blog or if I have the time during our laboratory in school. I really don't know how to fix these problem. Can you guys help me out? Just write now, the internet cafe is playing songs in the radio. And the songs in the radio are kinda classic type. In short, the radio is playing old songs. I love the old songs. Especially old rock music. Anyway, if ever you wondered why did my laptop ended in the blue screen of death. This was the story, I was blogging at school with my laptop then I noticed that the battery is running out. So, I did the initiative of plugging it in the "nearest outlet" then suddenly boom!!! My laptop hanged up! I again did the dumb decision of restarting it because I can no longer wait because it's taking too long. As a result of my impatience, the blue screen of death appeared! And I go "What on earth!!!" did happen? I didn't do anything stupid. What I just did was, open my mozilla, logged-in in my blogger account. Opened my facebook account, chat a little, looking up for something to write about. Then boom! The blue screen of death! Lesson learned! Be patient. Maybe if I had waited for a little longer, it would take forever for me to figure it out that I was in the verge of facing the Blue Screen Of Death!!! Now I am stuck in waiting here in the net cafe because the cafe is full. I have to fight ownership over crumpled stubs that other users use.
To make this storyline longer, just this afternoon, I was shocked when I chatted my friend to treat me some food then she replied, she had no money! Not to mention the exclamation point at the end with all the self pitying words she added. Why can't she just said that she will treat me next time if she got the money. And to mention that this particular woman asked me for a gift for her birthday and a Christmas gift too. Everytime I texted her, she wouldn't reply and that really annoys me. Well, no more negative comments for her but I'll just leave it as it is. Forget about it like nothing happened. Then I replied back to her saying that to "Chill out" and she never replied ever again even though she was online. Well, I am still planning to give her the gift that she was asking, or maybe I should just treat her in a decent restaurant as a gift. Anyway, I got the money already but I am not in the mood of spending it out just for that. I am planning something big for that money of mine or just save it. If I got enough and my blog will be accepted by google adsense then I would open an account. A personal one. I am planning to save to buy me an iTouch. I am becoming ambitious nowadays. LOL! I should focus first in this blog to be accepted and many more, especially my studies.
Up to now, this blue screen of death still bothers me a lot. There is this flashback in my mind that made me go crazy over that. How I wish I could solve this problem without spending my own money. Forget about that anyway. It's my problem anyway. Let's get back to my friend. To tell you the truth, I hate people who always subject themselves to self pitying. It's a sign of negativity or being pessimistic. I have been practicing positivity in me right now so I really hate to hear negative things from people I know. It really bothers me. I got this concept of "If I don't have these then what are my other choices?". A pessimist will say "If I don't have these then I got nothing, I am pity, pity me people". I hate that kind of thinking. You are just making your life more miserable. The more you complain then the more there is something to complain about. That is my way of thinking. I hate complaining, I hate self pitying, I hate people who gives up immediately without even trying. Positivity is about giving the most out of you.
About these blog to be more interesting maybe I should post about current events but I don't have the appetite to write some current events just yet. I wanted to post stories instead of news. Stories that could catch your attention and not make this a boring stuff. Please care to read guys. I got plenty of things to say. To generalize everything, I hate pessimism, maybe I should give lectures to my friends that are very pessimistic about life. Just looking on the bad things life could offer. This is common to people because negative things are heavier than positive things but if you weigh them down and really observe your daily life. You are blessed! For every positive thing or event there is an equal reaction. So to shortened up, everything is equal. Let us just be observant. Look around you. Some people don't have the things that you enjoy everyday, so be thankful guys. That's all for tonight guys. Good night everybody. It's me Al signing off. See you in the next post guys. Remember to SMILE always!