Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Diary: day 1

Good day! What a day it is today. Another boring day. facing my computer in lab f613 doing our java data structure assignment. Anyway, do you have any ideas on how to count nodes in binary trees using java? or count the leaves? get the height of the tree? and delete the nodes? hahahah! i do not know what to do. My partner at my side, doing nothing but looking at the slides that were provided to us by our teacher, also doesn't know where in the world would we find those codes to complete our assignment.

Anyway, let's forget about java programming and binary trees. It's been six months since I've been blogging. In the past, I don't know what to blog. I blog for sports which i found fun. I blog for show business to show my interests in the wold of entertainment. I blog for politics which i found fun because i got a lot of things to say about it. Maybe i should stick with Diary blogging. I wanted to share my everyday thinking. Maybe i should post some other topics related to sports, show- business and politics if i wish to.

Speaking of politics, politician's are getting busy today with all their fancy campaigns for the upcoming elections in the Philippines. I am already 18 + 1 years old, so i am now allowed to vote for the politicians i wish to vote. There are a lot of politicians out there but i don't know whom i am going to vote. In sports, the NBA is in the Midst of the season already. And i am slowly seeing the teams which will make it in the playoffs(I hope that the Dallas Mavericks will win the championship).

Back to business now, i should go back to my java assignment about Binary trees or else i would miss this homework. Anyway, i am a not so good in java programming. Please help me guys.

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