Friday, April 30, 2010


Give me a break. I wanna have a vacation. To these 2 weeks of summer class, I just had enough. This is the most exhausting summer class that I have been. To my past 2 summer classes I have never experienced the exhaustion that it has to offer and I was never interested to experience exhaustion in summer class. I mean summer class is suppose to be easy-going and has no pressures when it comes to grades. Our teacher is different, whether it is summer class or not he still has his traditional ways. Just now, he ate 30 minutes of our lab time. It really pissed me off. What pisses me off is his boring discussions with all of his boring accents that sets the atmosphere of sleepiness. Imagine having 3/4 of the class sleeping and 1/4 of the class half-asleep. And not just that, he is pressuring us with our grades if we submit our activities late on time. No pressures please. All these things pisses me off. Our teacher is great but his teaching ways sucks. Sorry for the use of words but I don't really know what word suits it up the best.
In our lecture time, we had this copy and answer quiz. Think about it, there are 20 questions each with 8-15 words on it and all the answers must be written below the questions. And imagine writing it in a 1/2 yellow paper. Aside from it doesn't have enough space, it eats a lot of time. And in the later part of the exam, our teacher declared that we can write our answer immediately without writing the questions anymore if we know the answer already. Because today is a scheduled power outage from 1pm-5pm but it never happened. Our teacher said that if in case the power outage comes, we won't have any trouble answering the questions that were posted in the power point because we have it all written already in our papers---that was our teacher's idea. We are supposed to be set out at 2:30pm but our teacher set us at 3:00pm.
That would be all folks. See yah in the next article. Good day!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sleepy Days

Good day! I don't know what happened to me to this past few days. I have become sleepier and sleepier as the week comes to an end. I mean, I sleep in between class, even as I wake up I still want to stick my back in bed. It's not about the atmosphere but maybe it is just in me. Lately, I have been sleeping late and this morning, I woke up around 5:30 to work on my php activity but I ended up on abandoning it in the middle of a problem because I go super sleepy already. Plus our teacher, especially the one who teaches PHP, sets the atmosphere that even the smartest in our class had fallen asleep for it. I mean, our teacher is boring! Really! It's frustrating to go in a class where you know what you are going to do aside from listening - sleeping. We had made his subject as a siesta subject and he doesn't mind it. There was a time that 90% of the class fell asleep and the remaining 10% is half asleep. In other words, all of us are in sleep mode. Just now, I fell asleep in a bench outside our room and I was unable to attend our lecture class. I just couldn't remember when was the last time that I didn't attend class because of an unnecessary reason. And now, I ended up here in the lab, instead of working, I just blogged and nothing more than downloading free web templates.
I lost my appetite in working again. Tomorrow would be our scheduled walk-through to our company, I'm a little nervous but I think I shouldn't because one of my group-mates is the owner's son.haha! But I shouldn't lay my shoulders back too much, my friend said that they are strict when it comes to business matters and these software can affect their business if not done well. And I still have some problems regarding the software, I still lacked some queries for the reports. In reality, I am still halfway done in the software and I am not having any further developments. Why have I grown tardy nowadays? It looks like I have not enough gas left in the tank. I better recharge myself up but in what way?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Love For Writing

Throughout my whole blogging career that started way back when I was 16, I just now realized how am I really attached to writing. My love for writing started when I got the idea to write the things that happened in my life. Especially that I am a problematic person. I name it as one of my weaknesses in my life. I tend to worry so much on little things that it could cause problems. I can't stop thinking about it until I assured it to be okay. At first, I don't like writing because my grammar is not that good. My friends even laugh at me when they see something not right in my words. At first it bothered me and so I stop writing. When the time came that my problems are already beyond my reach, I found refuge in writing. I never realized how relaxing writing is. It provides me comfort despite the problems that I face in school. I tend to just laugh about it after I read the articles that I write during that time. Even this time, I stopped writing because I got nothing to write anymore or I just run out of ideas. But now, I am back on track. Instead of making this blog a productive blog full of advertisements and things that could make money easier, I chose to make it as a diary. Writing all the current events in my life, it's either funny, sad, embarrassing or annoying, I just write it all as if I don't mind if anybody is reading it. It is obvious that this time of the year, I must have written a lot of articles but instead I just gather it all and then write them all up in one article. This way, I could save up the topics that I could write, at least my article would not just focus in one topic but many topics.
Anyway, later this day, I found out that I am halfway done in our software for the company. I was so happy that I didn't do anything this morning instead of finishing it. I just watched the box scores in and Facebook. All morning, that's what I did. And I have forgotten about the exam that we will be having this afternoon for my other subject. In other words, I didn't study and I didn't do anything this day. It's like I am physically present in school but mentally absent for it. And later this afternoon as I took the exam, I realized that the questions are not that difficult but there are 70 questions. I managed to finish all of it in just 20 minutes. Not much of an analytic exam but much on the tricky type of exam. You gotta have sharp eyes if you wanna pass. And this day, I am obliged to finish so many things, like our software, some documents for the software and an activity but me and my friend decided to just take a day off and have some coffee. I just wonder when will I be finished with the things that I must do within this week.
Even with this pile of problems and tardiness time, I still find that time to write even though I feel like I don't want to. I should conclude that I really love writing above all. I didn't wish to be one big time writer or earn money through this but only wished to share everything that I had in the tank through this article. Writing sometimes can dry up your mind but it's fun once you read some of those old articles that you wrote and realized that how grammatically wrong are the sentences in your article are. And eventually laugh about it -- A lot! I always love to laugh at my mistakes in the past that I find funny. Anyway, it would be all guys. See ya!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Texas Rivalry and NBA playoffs

Greetings! Start the morning with the freshness of an NBA game. Nothing really beats the physical game of a playoff game. This is the first week of the playoffs and things starting to heat up as well, with players giving up, let us say, out of the context comments that caused fans to be raged up and be fueled up as the visiting team plays against their team. The raging fans in the sideline that shouts every time a player like Dwight Howard is doing a free throw. We would often see players rolling and stumbling into the floor as the game gets physical. I really love to watch the Lakers-Thunder game, I would like to see how can the Thunder manage to crack up the defending champs. But nothing beats the rivalries like the Spurs-Mavs had. I mean, they had that rivalry ever since Dirk Nowitzki shone in the Mavs uniform and Tim Duncan started carrying the team as the legend David Robinson retired. It's almost 10 years already since their rivalry began. And now, these two men faced up each other in a classic Texas rivalry match-up. The mavs won game 1 and the Spurs won game 2. Game 3 will be played in the Spurs homecourt so expect raged fans all over the sidelines shouting as Dirk Nowitzki misses a shot and as Tim Duncan makes a shot with his amazing post moves. I could say that both teams are matched up but I should say that the Spurs is slowly showing up it's age against a prime invaded mavs team. And yet, the tres amigos namely Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker and now with the addition of Richard Jefferson that makes them, according to,the fab four. And yet, the Spurs brilliance is shines even with their aging players. Tim Duncan is not as dominating in the paint as he was before but still possesses the experience and those classic post moves that don't go out of fashion even through the time. Manu Ginobili's sweet lefty drives. Tony Parkers no fear slashes and now Richard Jefferson's 'doing everything I can do' attitude.
The spurs maybe a strong opponent as before but let us not underestimate the Mavs team. Now, with the addition of key players like Shawn Marion, Caron Butler and Brendan Haywood, I can say that it's going to be a nice and physical game out there. With their players in their prime now, I'm sure they would like to show the Spurs that we are worthy of facing the Lakers in the conference finals. The mavs had lost Josh Howard whom is the key for their wins in their 2006 championship run but they still had the scoring duo of Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry and the solid big man Erick Dampier. Breaking them down, they got Dirk's sweet jumpers, Terry's scoring capabilities even though he is too small for a shooting guard, Erick Dampier's solid presence in the paint. Now with the addition of Marion's lock down defense and high leaping capabilities, Caron Butler's no fear scoring attitude and Brendan Haywood's big body clogging in the paint.
I might be over biased that I only managed to break down the Texas rivalry game. And yet I still see it as the most exciting game in the playoffs. That's all folks! See you in game 3. Good day!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Hot and Tiring Summer

Greetings! Summertime is here and the heat is starting to get into my nerves. Yes, it is extremely hot today here in the Philippines. It even affected my blogging appetite. It seemed that I lost my appetite in writing articles. I even thought that I lost my edge in speaking and writing articles in English language. I thought that I missed a month of writing anything. But the last article that I wrote was last April 6 so, I just lost everything else. My mind is so crowded that I got overwhelmed in my schedules and subjects this summer class. I have forgotten the fact that I am maintaining a blog site in which I would write all my experiences. Anyway, this summer, all I did is play starcraft: broodwars. I am actually a little late that I fell in love in the game when the starcraft 2 is coming out of the market soon. I am really not good in playing skirmishes with the computer so I made the idea to just play in campaign mode. I am starting in my campaign mode in terran. After is the protoss then lastly the zerg. I should blame my fiend for this. He lured me to play starcraft. I played this game before but it didn't really clicked on my taste. Because of the starcraft fever that I have. I was beginning to watch starcraft game replays in
The other thing that I did this summer is updating the software that we are working to be given to the company as part of our subject. The revisions was like hell. I even thought that the revisions that were given by our panelists were the final ones already. But this summer, our adviser found something that we couldn't take our eyes from it and he even challenged us on our software design because our design was a little out of fashion or let us say, our design is a little old school or it is really an old school design.
Lastly, is the PHP program that we are working for our other subject. I thought that it is like doing a html program but I underestimated it so much that I am always late in passing our activities. PHP rocks! But you got to exert so much effort to make it work like facebook. I am still working on my login php script, can anybody help me? It's difficult. I kept on looking for sources in the net but I find it hard to understand the sources. I will just work on it this weekend. I'll give myself a day to work on it. And the next day is for our company's program. In other words, this weekend, I'm gonna be in full load. I hope facebook will not disrupt by concentration (laughs). I'm setting my goal this weekend and No Facebook this weekend.
This is such a long article. I should have written a longer one for the weeks that I missed. But anyway, I am back on track now so expect a series of articles that is related to starcraft, software designs and revisions and lastly, PHP codes. Good day.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hope Revival

Good day! It has been a long time since I have written up in my blog. I am not busy as of this last few weeks but I just have forgotten. Sorry:) And I have nothing to write too. I was really busy thinking about my grades. Just this morning, I got a call from my friend saying that I passed and I would be staying in the division. I was so happy that I almost forgot to cook for our lunch and I am running out of time because my parents are coming home already. What a week it was for me just to think about how did I do with the other subjects. Maybe I had also forgotten how to be positive in life. I kept on wondering why in situations like this I always forgot to be positive. All of my pessimistic behaviors would surface out? Well, all those worries are over by now. I got my grades already and they are GREAT! My hopes are back again and I hope that I would survive up to the end. I will just have to take it one by one, little by little. As of the moment, I got nothing to write, I got nothing in my mind. Maybe I would just share the things that I have done earlier this week and last week. Last week, I have to make a quick review on my lessons because of the SBA(Skills-Based Assessment). I was really nervous that time. The unfortunate this that happened was the modules that I have studied are not the ones who came out in my SBA. Our SBA is made up of 3 in each group. Each member has his own set and I have studied the wrong set. :)) It was so funny but we still made it. We got a perfect group score but my individual score is a little bit disappointing. Earlier this week, I just stayed at home waiting myself to become tired of just watching TV, reading manga and FACEBOOK. The facebook fever is on everyone! I go online early in the morning and boom! I got over 20 friends online already. And I log in again in the evening then over 30 friends are online. Is there anytime that my chat box would be empty? My chatbox had never been empty. Anyway, I just got my cooking touch back this week. My mom told me to cook various viands for our lunch and I realized that my cooking is isn't bad at all. I hasn't changed at all! Although I lost a little of my sense of tasting which turned out my mom kept saying to me that my soup always lacked salt. :)) I also been caught earlier this week reading manga comics. I got this one love story that it was so exciting to read. And just this morning, I finished reading that story. That was a very good story. I was really touched by it. Anyway, tomorrow would be enrollment day so I'm gonna be out tomorrow for my enrollment. Maybe I could write back again in the evening so till next time. Good Night.