Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Atheism: The misuse of God's name

Greetings! We in the third world country are known to be strong believers of God but we are unknowingly an atheist country without an atheist idealism. We, as part of a nation that is struggling to stand ground in a rich Asian continent, have been exposed in the different faces of poverty. There is always the question, why are we poor? Why are we struggling that we had the resources that we needed? Those are the questions often asked by the people of our nation both rich and poor. I have interviewed one guy, I asked him: Do you have a job sir? he said: No. How about your wife? he said: Yes, she washes other peoples laundry. How many kids do you have sir? he said: Four(4). I told him straight to the point that, "and that would be the reason why you are struggling". He told me: No, it's just God. He gave us this life and he wants us to live this kind of life. I told him: Then what about those people who belong to the middle class up to the upper class? He answered: That's what God wanted them to be. We have been forsaken by God. That is the reason why we are poor. As I noticed that he was getting annoyed in me asking so much question about their situation, I walked away and made some reflections of my own. If God loves us then why are there poor? Why are we not in the same class? The answer lies on our belief about God. We are using the name God in a different context which I think violates one of his commandments which is "Never use the name of the Lord thy God in vain". I again, interviewed another citizen. I asked him the same questions and the answers are just the same. Then I asked him some additional questions. I asked: When do you plan to work? He answered: I don't know. Let God decide when. I again asked: If ever your were given a work, where and what kind of work do you want? He answered: I wanna be a manager of a company. I asked: Are you a college graduate sir? He answered: No, I'm a high school undergraduate. I asked: May I know why you haven't finished your high school? He answered: I don't want to go to school. And I ended up the discussion with a nice thank you and a smile.
I just realized that they are not doing anything for the good of their selves. Poverty is about the incapability of an individual to choose the most important things to provide themselves a standard living. In short, poverty is only to the people who are lazy enough to provide themselves something to eat. As the elections ended in a fashionable way, I say even our president cannot solve poverty. I do believe that he is capable of leading the country but poverty is unsolvable unless the people does something that could get them out of poverty line. The president can provide us with pile of programs but without the cooperation of people to apply the teachings that were provided in those programs, poverty is far beyond solvable.
Blaming God for all the fortunes that even these people themselves are incapable of doing something right is a big mistake. There is a saying that says, "Do your best and God will do the rest". Those people's that I have interviewed made a big violation in God's writings. Good day!

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