Wednesday, June 2, 2010

NBA Finals 2010: My Personal Review

Greetings! NBA finals is coming up! Game 1 will be played tomorrow in Los Angeles. This would be an exciting rematch between two teams that had revived the sleeping rivalry that they had over the years. Two years ago, the Boston Celtics won the championship and let L.A. have a taste of defeat due to lack of experience of some of the key players. Although Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher had already won 4 championships together in a Laker uniform. They still have to polish some of their players that later on became the key to their championship run in 2009 and defeated the Orlando Magic. One of these players whose game improved after that disappointing loss to the Boston Celtics two years ago is Pau Gasol. This year, he again has to prove himself that he is a legitimate support to superstar Kobe Bryant. He had proved it last year by outplaying Orlando's Dwight Howard. Making play after play, he had proved himself a champion and he also had wrong the people who had wronged him. He had wowed those people who criticized his game. This year, I am looking forward to him outplaying Kevin Garnett. According to, Lakers are better this time than they were two years ago. The Celtics on the other hand still has to prove themselves that they could still do it. With James Posey, Sam Cassell and PJ Brown gone, they have to rely on their young and new guns. We had witnessed how Nate Robinson can change to pace of the game from the bench, Sheed on his terrific defense on Dwight Howard, Big baby Davis proving everybody that even though undersized, he can still compete with bigger guys and lastly, Rajon Rondo turned from a regular point guard into an all-star point guard that is capable of having triple doubles of his own.
I am very excited for the game 1 tomorrow. I'm sure that it would be a very physical game between the two teams. And again, as we all expected, Kobe Bryant will again display his greatness in this grueling best of seven NBA Finals game. I'm again expecting to see that "smack-down" attitude that the Celtics possesses according to Coach Phil Jackson. I loot for the Lakers this year. I do believe on their capability to win. They have won the Championship last year so winning it again this year wouldn't be a burden but expect the Celtics to give them a hard time winning games.
That would be all guys. Good day! Don't forget to watch the NBA Finals tomorrow :)

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