Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Everything Happens For A Reason and Vacation Sickness

Greetings! After all these delay, I was able to write back again. Imagine being sick for a week and not to mention not being able to take a bath for a week. If any of you would wonder if how sick I was. Well, I was really sick. I suffered from UTI(Urinary Track Infection), my pus cells is above the limit so I was in danger of being hospitalized. Good thing I wasn't brought there. I just stayed at home and had the timely rest that I need. I even wasn't able to show up for our company's User Acceptance Test where the company is going to accept the software that we made for them. I even asked my friend to upload my PHP site in a domain for me because I was too sick to handle a computer. My sight would go round and round immediately if I would look at the screen of my computer. What a vacation I got. Plus the addition of our ever noisy grandmother who just kept on talking even up to the times that you wanted to lay your head in the pillow and all you have to hear is her annoying voice. GGGRRRR! Even having difficulty in eating a meal because my tooth felt something like it's going to give in. I also vomit a lot. And lastly, nothing beats the taste of hard rock tablets.
Anyway, I do really believe in the notion "Everything Happens For A Reason". When I come to think about it. I just realized that the day before I got sick, I was in a good shape. Then on the day that I got sick I suddenly go from 100% to 10%. It was like my energy has been drained from me. The day before I got sick, I even had a nice game of starcraft and before that I had made the time to go to the mall. Then suddenly my body gives up. Then when I got home I just realized of how sick I was. My body temperature went up to 39.4 degrees. With the sickness I had I just can't stop thinking of how did I got sick? Then this optimism stroke me. Everything Happens For A Reason. Well, I truly believe in that notion said by my father to me. For me, God doesn't want us to suffer for nothing. Every suffering has its own opposite and equivalent reaction. One of my theories is that something good is installed for me in the future and that so God gave me this suffering. Well, I'm okay now, I am slowly recovering from the aftershock of my sickness and so everything would be alright.
Everything just went out of place when I got sick. My facebook account is in idle. My blogger account is in idle too. My social life is in idle too. When I got sick, I was so worried about my grades. I don't know why I started to worry about them. When I calculated them they just totaled to 81%. I lack 1% to reach the cut-off grade. It scared me that I am already in my fourth year then I would be forced to shift. But I changed that notion and set my mind in it's positive state. I stayed positive that they would reconsider my grade and remain as a CS student until I graduate. And I just realized by now that ever since I started to live a positive life. Good things happen to me even though I still got those hard moments and yet my optimism just kicks in and it just made me feel good. A year already passed since I been starting to live this kind of lifestyle. The slide was I became more carefree and happy-go-lucky than before. I was always overdue in my budget. I easily lost track in my money and I got fatter. I was unaware that living an optimistic life requires you to adjust too. I am slowly adjusting to it as of the moment. My body is back to it's normal not-so-fate-not-so-thin figure. I am starting to save money. And my budgeting powers is back. I am so ready for the next challenge that I am going to face. The next semester! Wish me luck guys! God Bless and Good day!

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