Friday, April 30, 2010


Give me a break. I wanna have a vacation. To these 2 weeks of summer class, I just had enough. This is the most exhausting summer class that I have been. To my past 2 summer classes I have never experienced the exhaustion that it has to offer and I was never interested to experience exhaustion in summer class. I mean summer class is suppose to be easy-going and has no pressures when it comes to grades. Our teacher is different, whether it is summer class or not he still has his traditional ways. Just now, he ate 30 minutes of our lab time. It really pissed me off. What pisses me off is his boring discussions with all of his boring accents that sets the atmosphere of sleepiness. Imagine having 3/4 of the class sleeping and 1/4 of the class half-asleep. And not just that, he is pressuring us with our grades if we submit our activities late on time. No pressures please. All these things pisses me off. Our teacher is great but his teaching ways sucks. Sorry for the use of words but I don't really know what word suits it up the best.
In our lecture time, we had this copy and answer quiz. Think about it, there are 20 questions each with 8-15 words on it and all the answers must be written below the questions. And imagine writing it in a 1/2 yellow paper. Aside from it doesn't have enough space, it eats a lot of time. And in the later part of the exam, our teacher declared that we can write our answer immediately without writing the questions anymore if we know the answer already. Because today is a scheduled power outage from 1pm-5pm but it never happened. Our teacher said that if in case the power outage comes, we won't have any trouble answering the questions that were posted in the power point because we have it all written already in our papers---that was our teacher's idea. We are supposed to be set out at 2:30pm but our teacher set us at 3:00pm.
That would be all folks. See yah in the next article. Good day!

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