Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Love For Writing

Throughout my whole blogging career that started way back when I was 16, I just now realized how am I really attached to writing. My love for writing started when I got the idea to write the things that happened in my life. Especially that I am a problematic person. I name it as one of my weaknesses in my life. I tend to worry so much on little things that it could cause problems. I can't stop thinking about it until I assured it to be okay. At first, I don't like writing because my grammar is not that good. My friends even laugh at me when they see something not right in my words. At first it bothered me and so I stop writing. When the time came that my problems are already beyond my reach, I found refuge in writing. I never realized how relaxing writing is. It provides me comfort despite the problems that I face in school. I tend to just laugh about it after I read the articles that I write during that time. Even this time, I stopped writing because I got nothing to write anymore or I just run out of ideas. But now, I am back on track. Instead of making this blog a productive blog full of advertisements and things that could make money easier, I chose to make it as a diary. Writing all the current events in my life, it's either funny, sad, embarrassing or annoying, I just write it all as if I don't mind if anybody is reading it. It is obvious that this time of the year, I must have written a lot of articles but instead I just gather it all and then write them all up in one article. This way, I could save up the topics that I could write, at least my article would not just focus in one topic but many topics.
Anyway, later this day, I found out that I am halfway done in our software for the company. I was so happy that I didn't do anything this morning instead of finishing it. I just watched the box scores in www.NBA.com and Facebook. All morning, that's what I did. And I have forgotten about the exam that we will be having this afternoon for my other subject. In other words, I didn't study and I didn't do anything this day. It's like I am physically present in school but mentally absent for it. And later this afternoon as I took the exam, I realized that the questions are not that difficult but there are 70 questions. I managed to finish all of it in just 20 minutes. Not much of an analytic exam but much on the tricky type of exam. You gotta have sharp eyes if you wanna pass. And this day, I am obliged to finish so many things, like our software, some documents for the software and an activity but me and my friend decided to just take a day off and have some coffee. I just wonder when will I be finished with the things that I must do within this week.
Even with this pile of problems and tardiness time, I still find that time to write even though I feel like I don't want to. I should conclude that I really love writing above all. I didn't wish to be one big time writer or earn money through this but only wished to share everything that I had in the tank through this article. Writing sometimes can dry up your mind but it's fun once you read some of those old articles that you wrote and realized that how grammatically wrong are the sentences in your article are. And eventually laugh about it -- A lot! I always love to laugh at my mistakes in the past that I find funny. Anyway, it would be all guys. See ya!

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