Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Hot and Tiring Summer

Greetings! Summertime is here and the heat is starting to get into my nerves. Yes, it is extremely hot today here in the Philippines. It even affected my blogging appetite. It seemed that I lost my appetite in writing articles. I even thought that I lost my edge in speaking and writing articles in English language. I thought that I missed a month of writing anything. But the last article that I wrote was last April 6 so, I just lost everything else. My mind is so crowded that I got overwhelmed in my schedules and subjects this summer class. I have forgotten the fact that I am maintaining a blog site in which I would write all my experiences. Anyway, this summer, all I did is play starcraft: broodwars. I am actually a little late that I fell in love in the game when the starcraft 2 is coming out of the market soon. I am really not good in playing skirmishes with the computer so I made the idea to just play in campaign mode. I am starting in my campaign mode in terran. After is the protoss then lastly the zerg. I should blame my fiend for this. He lured me to play starcraft. I played this game before but it didn't really clicked on my taste. Because of the starcraft fever that I have. I was beginning to watch starcraft game replays in
The other thing that I did this summer is updating the software that we are working to be given to the company as part of our subject. The revisions was like hell. I even thought that the revisions that were given by our panelists were the final ones already. But this summer, our adviser found something that we couldn't take our eyes from it and he even challenged us on our software design because our design was a little out of fashion or let us say, our design is a little old school or it is really an old school design.
Lastly, is the PHP program that we are working for our other subject. I thought that it is like doing a html program but I underestimated it so much that I am always late in passing our activities. PHP rocks! But you got to exert so much effort to make it work like facebook. I am still working on my login php script, can anybody help me? It's difficult. I kept on looking for sources in the net but I find it hard to understand the sources. I will just work on it this weekend. I'll give myself a day to work on it. And the next day is for our company's program. In other words, this weekend, I'm gonna be in full load. I hope facebook will not disrupt by concentration (laughs). I'm setting my goal this weekend and No Facebook this weekend.
This is such a long article. I should have written a longer one for the weeks that I missed. But anyway, I am back on track now so expect a series of articles that is related to starcraft, software designs and revisions and lastly, PHP codes. Good day.

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