Thursday, April 22, 2010

Texas Rivalry and NBA playoffs

Greetings! Start the morning with the freshness of an NBA game. Nothing really beats the physical game of a playoff game. This is the first week of the playoffs and things starting to heat up as well, with players giving up, let us say, out of the context comments that caused fans to be raged up and be fueled up as the visiting team plays against their team. The raging fans in the sideline that shouts every time a player like Dwight Howard is doing a free throw. We would often see players rolling and stumbling into the floor as the game gets physical. I really love to watch the Lakers-Thunder game, I would like to see how can the Thunder manage to crack up the defending champs. But nothing beats the rivalries like the Spurs-Mavs had. I mean, they had that rivalry ever since Dirk Nowitzki shone in the Mavs uniform and Tim Duncan started carrying the team as the legend David Robinson retired. It's almost 10 years already since their rivalry began. And now, these two men faced up each other in a classic Texas rivalry match-up. The mavs won game 1 and the Spurs won game 2. Game 3 will be played in the Spurs homecourt so expect raged fans all over the sidelines shouting as Dirk Nowitzki misses a shot and as Tim Duncan makes a shot with his amazing post moves. I could say that both teams are matched up but I should say that the Spurs is slowly showing up it's age against a prime invaded mavs team. And yet, the tres amigos namely Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker and now with the addition of Richard Jefferson that makes them, according to,the fab four. And yet, the Spurs brilliance is shines even with their aging players. Tim Duncan is not as dominating in the paint as he was before but still possesses the experience and those classic post moves that don't go out of fashion even through the time. Manu Ginobili's sweet lefty drives. Tony Parkers no fear slashes and now Richard Jefferson's 'doing everything I can do' attitude.
The spurs maybe a strong opponent as before but let us not underestimate the Mavs team. Now, with the addition of key players like Shawn Marion, Caron Butler and Brendan Haywood, I can say that it's going to be a nice and physical game out there. With their players in their prime now, I'm sure they would like to show the Spurs that we are worthy of facing the Lakers in the conference finals. The mavs had lost Josh Howard whom is the key for their wins in their 2006 championship run but they still had the scoring duo of Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry and the solid big man Erick Dampier. Breaking them down, they got Dirk's sweet jumpers, Terry's scoring capabilities even though he is too small for a shooting guard, Erick Dampier's solid presence in the paint. Now with the addition of Marion's lock down defense and high leaping capabilities, Caron Butler's no fear scoring attitude and Brendan Haywood's big body clogging in the paint.
I might be over biased that I only managed to break down the Texas rivalry game. And yet I still see it as the most exciting game in the playoffs. That's all folks! See you in game 3. Good day!

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