Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hope Revival

Good day! It has been a long time since I have written up in my blog. I am not busy as of this last few weeks but I just have forgotten. Sorry:) And I have nothing to write too. I was really busy thinking about my grades. Just this morning, I got a call from my friend saying that I passed and I would be staying in the division. I was so happy that I almost forgot to cook for our lunch and I am running out of time because my parents are coming home already. What a week it was for me just to think about how did I do with the other subjects. Maybe I had also forgotten how to be positive in life. I kept on wondering why in situations like this I always forgot to be positive. All of my pessimistic behaviors would surface out? Well, all those worries are over by now. I got my grades already and they are GREAT! My hopes are back again and I hope that I would survive up to the end. I will just have to take it one by one, little by little. As of the moment, I got nothing to write, I got nothing in my mind. Maybe I would just share the things that I have done earlier this week and last week. Last week, I have to make a quick review on my lessons because of the SBA(Skills-Based Assessment). I was really nervous that time. The unfortunate this that happened was the modules that I have studied are not the ones who came out in my SBA. Our SBA is made up of 3 in each group. Each member has his own set and I have studied the wrong set. :)) It was so funny but we still made it. We got a perfect group score but my individual score is a little bit disappointing. Earlier this week, I just stayed at home waiting myself to become tired of just watching TV, reading manga and FACEBOOK. The facebook fever is on everyone! I go online early in the morning and boom! I got over 20 friends online already. And I log in again in the evening then over 30 friends are online. Is there anytime that my chat box would be empty? My chatbox had never been empty. Anyway, I just got my cooking touch back this week. My mom told me to cook various viands for our lunch and I realized that my cooking is isn't bad at all. I hasn't changed at all! Although I lost a little of my sense of tasting which turned out my mom kept saying to me that my soup always lacked salt. :)) I also been caught earlier this week reading manga comics. I got this one love story that it was so exciting to read. And just this morning, I finished reading that story. That was a very good story. I was really touched by it. Anyway, tomorrow would be enrollment day so I'm gonna be out tomorrow for my enrollment. Maybe I could write back again in the evening so till next time. Good Night.

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