Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sleepy Days

Good day! I don't know what happened to me to this past few days. I have become sleepier and sleepier as the week comes to an end. I mean, I sleep in between class, even as I wake up I still want to stick my back in bed. It's not about the atmosphere but maybe it is just in me. Lately, I have been sleeping late and this morning, I woke up around 5:30 to work on my php activity but I ended up on abandoning it in the middle of a problem because I go super sleepy already. Plus our teacher, especially the one who teaches PHP, sets the atmosphere that even the smartest in our class had fallen asleep for it. I mean, our teacher is boring! Really! It's frustrating to go in a class where you know what you are going to do aside from listening - sleeping. We had made his subject as a siesta subject and he doesn't mind it. There was a time that 90% of the class fell asleep and the remaining 10% is half asleep. In other words, all of us are in sleep mode. Just now, I fell asleep in a bench outside our room and I was unable to attend our lecture class. I just couldn't remember when was the last time that I didn't attend class because of an unnecessary reason. And now, I ended up here in the lab, instead of working, I just blogged and nothing more than downloading free web templates.
I lost my appetite in working again. Tomorrow would be our scheduled walk-through to our company, I'm a little nervous but I think I shouldn't because one of my group-mates is the owner's son.haha! But I shouldn't lay my shoulders back too much, my friend said that they are strict when it comes to business matters and these software can affect their business if not done well. And I still have some problems regarding the software, I still lacked some queries for the reports. In reality, I am still halfway done in the software and I am not having any further developments. Why have I grown tardy nowadays? It looks like I have not enough gas left in the tank. I better recharge myself up but in what way?

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