Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Confidence: Nothing To Worry About

Good day guys. I admit it, this is the first time in my life which I haven't had the feeling of fear during semester breaks. Fear because I might have failing subject. Today, I had nothing in my mind except rest and joy. Usually at this time of year, my mind is very crowded with wild speculations. I was really surprised about this. I hope this would last until the summer class. I don't feel like I will fail this semester. I kept on thinking about passing and that's will be happening. I am so happy today that I couldn't express the feelings that I have in my article. Anyway, I still have one exam left in our networking class but I haven't felt any pressures that I should pass the exam. But I already promised myself that tomorrow, I am going to study for that exam and I will not fail that last exam. I feel like I got confidence pouring inside of me that's putting my morale up to the maximum level. Just before the finals of our semester, I kept on thinking about failing but it was the opposite of what I am feeling today. Anyway, this week is our defense week for our SAD(Systems and Analysis Design) subject. Our defense was last Monday, we haven't sleep the day before it I have only slept for 3 hours. During our defense, we were cornered by the panelists! The good thing was the head panelist gave us 2 hours to fix our bugs in our software. Luckily, the bugs were made up of wrong variable namings, variable not matching to other variables and etc. So, it was just a little revision that were given to us. In less than 2 hours, we finally managed to fix everything else and the panelists gave us the flag meaning we passed. There are other groups that also been in our situation. They were also given 2 hours to fix it up and they made it. But there are also groups who haven't passed. I thought that everyone will pass this time but my mistake, this time, the panelists are stricter than the last defense that we had. I was so sorry for my classmates who haven't made it. I mean, they did their best, had countless sleepless nights to make their software work but in the end it didn't help them pass the subject. I am so sorry for them, I am truly sorry. As I see those people who come out in the room teary eyed, I already have this notion in mind that I must comfort them for the outcome of their defense. Or help them forgot the thing that they had just faced. But it doesn't help, every negative words that the panelists would utter hurts the morale that you have stored inside of you. But yet, I also envy those people who made it without the panelists giving them 2 hours of fixation to their software. Anyway, to those people who are taking their vacations already, Have a good time. I will still be here writing my every article straight from the heart. Good day.

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