Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Addicted to Manga Comics

All this manga comics is making me excited but the updates are making me crazy. A manga comic can be updated up to a month. That's far too long for me to wait. Right now I am following 6 manga series and all of them take up a month just to be updated. But still the stories are pretty amazing. Depending on the taste you have. They got action, drama, love story and echi(you know what I mean). Right now i am currently reading the manga series ai kora. Wew! it took me a month to wait for the update of the new chapter.
Anyway, even though the updates are always delayed, well I see manga as a fun hobby. I like reading it because of the stories that it could give the readers. I like action and comedy manga. It is so fun to read. Anyway, let's get back to reality guys. I thought that I am just the one whose very passionate in reading manga but yesterday, I found two grown men(college level men) fighting over whose gonna die in the manga series they are following. What the! The other guy said: I think (Name) is gonna die first because he is already weak from all that fighting that he had. The other guy said: No, the villain is gonna die first because the main character cannot die. I've seen it in the movies. Even in hollywood, main characters don't die! The other guy said: well, not all main characters will gonna live at the end! Even some famous actors in some movies dies at the end! and, I hate to continue any further. Their conversation is somewhat confusing but if I were in their place, maybe I would have done the same. LOL!
Just now, a friend of mine named Francis gave me a recommendation that I should read the manga series Fire Candy. At the first page there are adult contents already! Not just that there are people here in the Computer lab including our teacher! lmao! I just found out that Francis too is addicted to manga. I mean, I never thought that a guy like him would be interested to manga but he is. LOL! I even have this long haired classmate of mine who keeps on feeding me with manga series whenever I find myself in the middle of waiting for the new updates. I never thought that my friends too would be very passionate to manga series. Even women in our class are addicted to manga.
To generalize everything, manga comics is just a hobby of taking a person out of reality for a short time. That a person could take out his mind out from the bitterness of life and live in a while in the world of fantasy. And to finalize, I love reading manga because it takes my mind out of the problems that this world has to offer. So guys, being addicted in manga is no big deal. It's just having a good time and relax for a bit.

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