Saturday, January 30, 2010

Diary:Day 4: The missed article

Good Afternoon guys! I am so sorry that this article is a bit delayed. I am supposed to write this article yesterday but I got hooked in playing warcraft III ladder matches. And it was already late when I realized that I haven't wrote an article for my diary. I just wrote an article about the allstar snubs that were discussed in and So I just took the opportunity to share what I know with you with my insights about those snubbed stars. Anyway, today is a sunny day and it really bothers me because it is extremely hot! We went to the wake of my grandmothers aunt(She's already 82 years old) and stayed there. Had a conversation with some of our relatives which I didn't know. Anyway, my mom and dad did the most of the talking and I just stayed in my seat together with my brother and my girl cousin. It was really boring out there until one of our relatives approached my mom and talks loudly, as if we were dumb! And the saddest part there is that, the mourners are praying! If only I had the chance to tell that woman to be silent, maybe I would do so. I can also see the expression in my mom's face that she was like annoyed on how the woman talks. She even compared me to one of my mom's brothers! She said I looked like Roger, my mom's brother, while my grandma said that I look like Ching. What the! Who am I anyway? It's been an honor to have a face the same as them but thank you. I got my own face and my own name. Anyway, after that, we went to the fast food chain Jollibee and ate our lunch there. Went back home and here I am, writing the missing article. Actually, this is not the missing article. This is the follow-up article( sorry guys:) ).
This is the the missing article: Yesterday, me and my friend Rav dropped by here in my house in the province so we could work on our project. The defense for our project is coming near so we gotta double our time on working on the software project. That went on until yesterday afternoon because he went home at the afternoon. I even managed to blog even at the middle of my work because I'm getting bored. That afternoon, when he went back home, it left me nothing to do. So I decided to play warcraft ladder match and at the evening studied my lesson in java. It was so frustrating and disappointing. I was reading the book like over an hour already and I haven't got anything in my mind yet! Those pile of codes makes me go crazy. I tested it in my compiler and yet I haven't understood anything. I understood some but most of it I don't. And I forgot. I got an assignment to be passed tomorrow afternoon. What a weekend this was. After writing this article I would begin my journey back to the city. Tomorrow is school again. Anyway, I like to share a little about texting. Why are people today instead of using K they use Q like Kung Fu = Qng Fu! And some inventors made G = 6! What a genius! Why not just use the letters. It's just the same thing. Anyway, due to public demand, I am now using Q instead of K. I am so sorry, for those who could relate on what I am saying, what do you think about this? And for those who doesn't, just leave it as it is. I hope Adsense would validate my account. I am still waiting for google Adsense to accept my site. Please accept my site That's all for today guys. Check out for the daily international news in guys. And maybe, just maybe I could write about one of the news there. I mean, I would write my insights about an article there. See ya next time guys!

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