Friday, January 29, 2010

Diary: Day 3: Reunion(Continued)

Unfortunately this day, my friend didn't show up. What a waste. He went to Manila just this afternoon. First, he wanted us to meet him but there was no time left because we will be having a class at 6pm - the ever exciting philosophy class(being sarcastic). I was really disappointed but anyway I was happy because I got home just in time as my stomach wanted food. LOL! I also discovered this morning that I really suck at warcraft III ladder matches. Or maybe my friend is the one who suck in that game. LOL! Speaking of ladder matches, I haven't seen so many people nowadays playing warcraft ladder matches but instead they only play DOTA. Some only have DOTA in mind. You try to talk to them all they can say is "In DOTA..." what a dunce! Some even cut classes or doesn't go to class because of it. Actually, I almost got in that stage too but I realized that DOTA is slowly destroying my life so I have to moderate my DOTA playing time. So now, I really stink at DOTA. I also regret a little about moderating my DOTA playing time because my friends who are better than me in DOTA keeps on bullying me in the game. And that is why I lost my appetite in playing DOTA anymore. Instead, I play Counter-Strike which is really fun even though you stink at it because you always have a chance to kill those players who keeps on trash talking you every time you play.
Back to my friend folks. I found out that he went to Manila just for the sake of skate boarding. Well, it is his passion. So, it ended up that me and my Chinese friend talking about trash and anything else that we find funny. What a day. I just came home from a very long journey. And I feel like I am refreshed after that very satisfying meal featuring my favorite meat with ampalaya and my not favorite shrimp(I am allergic to it... honestly). This would all be to this day folks. I am going back to my work as a database encoder. See you in my next post guys.

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