Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Diary: day 1(Continued)

I give up! all this java programming gives me a headache. I should take a rest already. I have just sent my assignment to my teacher through email. Hope he could understand the program that we made. We made it without even debugging and knowing what the errors are. I say, I am not that good in java programming. Not that I hate java, almost, maybe. Or it is just because these assignments were given and should be passed in just less than 24 hours. I hate to admit it but life is ugly.
But we should be optimistic about life. Always look up in the sunny side of everything. Even though everything is falling apart. Let us just make the most of our life. I hope i could pass in this Data structure and Algorithms subject.
Anyway, i decided to write a continuation of my diary because it is freezing cold here in the lab and i am tired of doing my java assignment. So, i just decided to blog again. So this is the feeling since it has been 8 months since my last post. Maybe i should reactivate my other blogs and my e-how account. Maybe you would think that i blog for money. I just blog for fun guys but if i would earn, it would be nice. I love expressing my thoughts in any way i could. I hope you could correct my grammar guys, if ever you found something that should not be there hahah!
This rainy day makes me really tired and my laptop! oh my God!- The bluescreen of death if you know what i mean. Reformatting would be a very tiring task to do but that's the only way to solve the problem here. Just read my articles, everyday, i would write my articles in this blog. Good day everyone.

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