Thursday, January 28, 2010

Diary: Day 2 continued...

I'm so sorry that this article has no picture on it. I just don't feel like putting anything in it. About the book that I have written, nobody has read it yet and I am planning not to show it to anybody for I am the only one that could understand it. If I have some time, I could share it here in my blog. These rainy days makes me gloomy, I hate rainy days. It lets me reminisce about the sad things about the life that I have. I just lost the appetite to do some interesting things today. Like hanging out with my crazy friends. I wanted to stay home, blog a little share my thoughts here. This article won't be too long. I hope so. Just joking. I am making this short. I am running out of ideas. What I wanted in life is passing grades, seeing this blog being accepted by google and a girlfriend. About the girlfriend thing, she(the girl that I mentioned in the previous article) is the one I like to be with. I really hate this life. But I wanted to make the most of it. Anyway, this is just all. I am so sorry for being a hassle creating a second page then this would just be the content. Goodnight everyone.

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