Sunday, January 31, 2010

Diary: Day 5: Making The Impossible

This day was brilliant! Our teacher didn't show up again in our physics class and I or we had successfully finished a complicated java program. I love this day. And I got a number from my old classmate and she is beautiful! LOL!(Evil laugh). And I have added an old friend in my facebook account and she is hot too! Yeah! Finally! I got the motivation to play again. Maybe not to be in love again but just play. LOL! Last night, I met my old friend. And we talked about anything that is out of this world! I went home around 12:00MN, still thinking to all of those crazy things that we talked about. We talked about ex-crushes and ex-girlfriends. I also shared about the girls that I liked to court. I told him that I have to choose to the 4 girls that I have seen to be attractive and has the attitude that could make me fall for her.
I also found out yesterday that my brother had a girlfriend! His first! As his older brother, I congratulated him. I took a look to his girlfriend's picture and I just see the girl to be attractive too. Well, congrats to him! Anyway, this is not the time yet to be happy because I the midterm exam is around the corner. I got to get my failing grades back from the prelims. Anyway, just now, we are watching the best fight scene ever in, and the fight scene was so funny!!! Oh my God! just check it out guys! I thought it's a Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris fight scene but it was just a crazy action film. LOL! This is all guys! Have a good day! This is all for today.

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