Monday, February 1, 2010

Laptop with the bluescreen of death and Pessimism

Greetings!!! What a pain in the neck it is. This blue screen caused me to go to the nearest internet cafe just to blog or if I have the time during our laboratory in school. I really don't know how to fix these problem. Can you guys help me out? Just write now, the internet cafe is playing songs in the radio. And the songs in the radio are kinda classic type. In short, the radio is playing old songs. I love the old songs. Especially old rock music. Anyway, if ever you wondered why did my laptop ended in the blue screen of death. This was the story, I was blogging at school with my laptop then I noticed that the battery is running out. So, I did the initiative of plugging it in the "nearest outlet" then suddenly boom!!! My laptop hanged up! I again did the dumb decision of restarting it because I can no longer wait because it's taking too long. As a result of my impatience, the blue screen of death appeared! And I go "What on earth!!!" did happen? I didn't do anything stupid. What I just did was, open my mozilla, logged-in in my blogger account. Opened my facebook account, chat a little, looking up for something to write about. Then boom! The blue screen of death! Lesson learned! Be patient. Maybe if I had waited for a little longer, it would take forever for me to figure it out that I was in the verge of facing the Blue Screen Of Death!!! Now I am stuck in waiting here in the net cafe because the cafe is full. I have to fight ownership over crumpled stubs that other users use.
To make this storyline longer, just this afternoon, I was shocked when I chatted my friend to treat me some food then she replied, she had no money! Not to mention the exclamation point at the end with all the self pitying words she added. Why can't she just said that she will treat me next time if she got the money. And to mention that this particular woman asked me for a gift for her birthday and a Christmas gift too. Everytime I texted her, she wouldn't reply and that really annoys me. Well, no more negative comments for her but I'll just leave it as it is. Forget about it like nothing happened. Then I replied back to her saying that to "Chill out" and she never replied ever again even though she was online. Well, I am still planning to give her the gift that she was asking, or maybe I should just treat her in a decent restaurant as a gift. Anyway, I got the money already but I am not in the mood of spending it out just for that. I am planning something big for that money of mine or just save it. If I got enough and my blog will be accepted by google adsense then I would open an account. A personal one. I am planning to save to buy me an iTouch. I am becoming ambitious nowadays. LOL! I should focus first in this blog to be accepted and many more, especially my studies.
Up to now, this blue screen of death still bothers me a lot. There is this flashback in my mind that made me go crazy over that. How I wish I could solve this problem without spending my own money. Forget about that anyway. It's my problem anyway. Let's get back to my friend. To tell you the truth, I hate people who always subject themselves to self pitying. It's a sign of negativity or being pessimistic. I have been practicing positivity in me right now so I really hate to hear negative things from people I know. It really bothers me. I got this concept of "If I don't have these then what are my other choices?". A pessimist will say "If I don't have these then I got nothing, I am pity, pity me people". I hate that kind of thinking. You are just making your life more miserable. The more you complain then the more there is something to complain about. That is my way of thinking. I hate complaining, I hate self pitying, I hate people who gives up immediately without even trying. Positivity is about giving the most out of you.
About these blog to be more interesting maybe I should post about current events but I don't have the appetite to write some current events just yet. I wanted to post stories instead of news. Stories that could catch your attention and not make this a boring stuff. Please care to read guys. I got plenty of things to say. To generalize everything, I hate pessimism, maybe I should give lectures to my friends that are very pessimistic about life. Just looking on the bad things life could offer. This is common to people because negative things are heavier than positive things but if you weigh them down and really observe your daily life. You are blessed! For every positive thing or event there is an equal reaction. So to shortened up, everything is equal. Let us just be observant. Look around you. Some people don't have the things that you enjoy everyday, so be thankful guys. That's all for tonight guys. Good night everybody. It's me Al signing off. See you in the next post guys. Remember to SMILE always!

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