Monday, March 1, 2010

Diary: day 13: The end is near

Good day guys! I am really sorry for the delay of my diary entry. The finals is approaching as fast as I expected. The midterms is a successful campaign, I have managed to hit back behind the painful defeat I have during the prelims. Our defense for our SAD will be next week. We are approaching the final three weeks of our classes. I am getting tensed, this is the time that I would throw my knock out punch to all my subjects, especially the major ones. Anyway, this morning, we got a group quiz on our physics subject and it turned out pretty well. Although some of the items were wrong but majority of it were sure. I was just wondering or I can't stop wondering why in these final days, we got lots of activities and quizzes. Is it that we should focus for our final exam because it would be our last shot to pull up our grades? My theory is that they are using the quiz to pull up or grades but the quizzes are terrible difficult. The more quiz we have, the more it would pull down our grades. I was focusing in my physics subject because I was planning that this subject will have to pull up my average grade for my major subjects. This week would be a busy one for me, I have to work for our SAD software. I am getting tensed as day finishes one by one. I am still having a problem with my java subject. I hope I could pass and the grade would not be so bad. I mean, my midterm exam for that subject resulted into a good one. I was just tensed about it, I just don't know why but I just feel tensed. But at the end, I am very optimistic of me reaching the cut-off grade of 82. I have my goal set that I would reach the grade of 85, sounds impossible but I still have this last shot - the finals. I like to hit back really hard in the finals. I feel like I am playing in an underdog team in the NBA Finals but everything is possible, what do you know, I could reach the grade of 85 and managed to escape the wrath of failure. If I pass this time and this would be my second time cheating failure. It should be death but its the same thing. Right after our physics subject, I worked in my program in java that ended up being copied by my friends. It is okay for me if they would just get an idea out of it but coping it is another thing. I really hate it if they don't edit it. But I would just stay in the positive side. I can do it! I will do it! And after working, I waited for my next class then our teacher didn't show up. What a waste of time, I should have went home and took a nap and get back to work. Or just work at home for my java program assignment. That would be all guys, wish me all the luck. Good day and God Bless.

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