Monday, March 1, 2010

Your Failures Do Not Define You

Good day everyone! Everybody in this whole world experiences failure. Failure will always be a part of our lives. Even though how successful we are in our lives, we always experience failure. Failures molds not only our future but also our personality. In failures we learn so many things. There are failures that are hard to swallow and there are failures which we can carry on like nothing happens. But failures, once experienced, is always demoralizing. Demoralizing in the thought that we are bad or we are just incapable of something. Many people judge individuals who had failure in everything. Just because you failed it doesn't mean you are no good. The question is why do other people commit failures less than other people? Luck? No. Luck is not a basis of your achievements, luck are opportunities that suddenly shows up in the middle of the storm. Actually, each one of us is lucky its just that we are unable to take the opportunity behind it or we are unable to see the opportunity that lies behind.
I had experienced failure ever since I was born. My life is full of failures. In everything I do, I always commit failure. Especially in my college life, its always crowded with it. Most of it are demoralizing and painful. One lesson I learned behind this failures is that you must always stand up in each failure you have, even though how demoralizing it is. Just stand up and hit back. There is nothing we can do about it just stand up and learn from it like riding a bike. Many people over the years judged me of what I am. Many people doubted me of my capabilities. One painful things is that even your family members would doubt you on your capabilities. I have experienced it all, demoralizing or not, I would just stand up and fight back. One secret is when you fail on one thing, don't tell yourself that you are incapable of doing it or you are just stupid. Instead, ask yourself, 'what can I do with this? or what should I do?' at the long run, you'll never notice that you are fighting back and really hitting it hard. I was born like this, maybe its my curse but the thing that I would like to boast is my fighting spirit. I failed many times already but I just don't know how to give up until I have proven myself that I can't do it. Many people say that I was born a failure, yes I am, but don't tell me that I would just give up. Even though with my parents doubting me, I still continue to fight. Not for redemption or proving them wrong but for my learning curve itself. I always have this belief that people who commit failures more often are way better than those who experience them less. Better in the way that you have a more improved personality than they are. Better in the way that you could easily stand up even though how demoralizing it was. I have listened and talked to people who experience a demoralizing failure for the first time in their lives. One thing common about them is they don't know where to start. My advice is, stand up where you are and start there. Correct your own mistakes, learn form them. Some even have traumas about it but I don't have any anymore. It takes for one to lose before experiencing winning. When I was a kid, I got trauma about it but in the long run, I find it challenging. Its like challenging my personality prowess. Because of that, I am starting to love challenges, not to the point that I am searching for one but to the point that I am ready to face it.
I would like to share this thing because people nowadays especially teenagers, when experiencing demoralizing failures, just gives up on it. I would always admit that I was born a looser but I will give you a hell of a fight. As a guy who experiences failure more often, I am very open to those people who seeks advice. I am not the type of person who leaves anybody behind. I will help you as long as I can. My looks might tell you that I am not serious but looks can fool people. Giving up leads you to nowhere and giving up makes you a complete failure. Up to now, many people doubted me. Blessed are those who trust me and believes that I can do it but the only people who could believe are those people like me - a failure in life. I am glad that I was a failure, I am happy with it. When I experience a demoralizing failure I just close my eyes, concentrate or meditate, when I am ready then I would tell myself, hit back as hard as you can. Your Failures Will Never Define The Person You Are dude. Don't show them that you are weak on the inside, show them that you are a warrior. As for me, attitude will always be an important factor in life - The warrior/fighter attitude.
To generalize everything, once you experience a demoralizing failure, just close your eyes, concentrate, and tell yourself to hit back, you can do it. Just count this as a lesson learned and stand up from where you are and start there. I hope this could help you guys when experiencing failure. Good day.

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