Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happiness in the midst of pressure

Have you experienced being happy despite the pressures that you had been having? It is a wonderful feeling to have, it is like a refreshing sensation as if your problems are already solved but then you just set it aside just for the sake of relaxing from the heavy tasks that you are doing. All these pressures could blow your mind anytime soon, most especially if you see yourself not coping up with the pressures. Ever since I was in high schools I have already experienced heavy pressures not just in school but also at home. And before I went to college, I told myself that I could handle up the pressures that a college student could possibly have. But I was wrong, college pressures are way too futuristic than of high school pressures. You gotta give concern to your grades because the teacher won't just pull up your grade to make you pass. Once you get 74 and it will be it, the required grade for all the subjects for you not to retake it is 75. In high school, the teacher could just pull your grade up if you are 1 point or 2 points short to 75. In college, it is not. The teacher could even give you a grade of 60 FLAT. And the teacher would just smile at you and say 'you failed'. Because of these pressures we experience, we are unable to smile or even smile back to the people who smiled at us. Laugh is a sacred thing for students who have been pressured by academic factors.
I on the other hand, instead of going with the pressures, I was always thinking of an alternative to take out the pressures or just lessen up the load. I have several solutions to offer which I find very effective - for me. First solution is, when in pressure, at the midst of your heavy duty work. Stand up, limber up and sing your favorite song or just play the playlist that is in your computer or Ipod and sing with it. Second, stand up, limber up and play a disco ,music and dance with it up to the time that you are ready to get back to work. Next is stop from what you are doing and talk to whoever you wanted to talk to. Talk about things, any topic will do as long as it is not boring to discuss but one effective topic I would suggest - talk about the funniest things that had happen in your lives. Lastly, before you go to your work, be sure that you have a can of coke at your side. Everytime you limber up to stretch those muscles, have a sip with that ice cold coke by your side. And very lastly(sorry I still got one left), stand up and shout. What to shout? Shout all you want, anything will do. These five solutions are very effective in doing work in the midst of pressures. In that way, unconsciously you would feel like being energized to work again. And also in that way, you would find happiness in the work you are doing. Always put this in mind, always be happy in everything you do. Try to enjoy it in anyway you want. Good day!

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