Monday, March 1, 2010

Vocation: A calling

Good day guys. This morning, we talked about vocation in our theology class. I find it interesting to be talked about so here I am, talking about vocation itself. As what said in the dictionary, vocation is about a feeling of choosing a particular career. What I have in my mind is that vocation is making a positive attitude towards a particular career. It is about choosing a certain path in life that some have no solid grounds to step on. Meaning we are not so sure about the path we are choosing to if it would lead us to the right destination safely. Faith and Belief in yourself and God is one important thing in vocation. It doesn't mean that you are unworthy you don't have any vocations. Vocation too can be termed as a mission in life. A fulfillment of a mission that would make us be a better person someday.
To make it simple, vocation is like, 'What would I do with my life?'. We kept on searching for answers. The more we search about it, the more we are lost. Answers can be found along the way. New missions can also be found along the way. Only you yourself can identify which one is it. And you are also the only that can gain benefit to it. Vocation for some is a calling from God. Actually, there are a lot of meaning about vocation but let's put it this way. Vocation came fro the Latin word 'Vocare' it means to be called. In short, vocation is about the calling of yourself to a mission. Its either a calling from God or a calling from yourself that you need to mature. Many people found themselves unworthy and thought that they have no vocations just because they are unworthy or useless. No, each one of us has his/her vocation. We got different vocations in life and so as our personalities. It is up to us on how we answer our vocations in life.
To generalize everything, vocation is a mission in life that requires us to step in a ground that is not solid enough for us to step in. And it requires us faith and belief to yourself and to God to fulfill this mission. Good day.

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