Monday, March 8, 2010

Fighting Optimism

My posts have been a little bit delayed lately because of the final grading approaching. I gotta give a knockout punch to my subjects this finals in able for me to be safe this coming enrollment - the judgment for whether you could still stay in the division or not. Lately last month my optimism I had noticed that my optimism is slowly fading out. As if I was going to surrender and never fight anymore. I gone to lots of reminiscing and visualization. I have spent so much money for me to be able to relax myself and take away the pressures that is in me. I think that academic pressures caused all this depression that I have which also affects my optimism. That is the most important thing in the world for me - optimism. It's like an energy drink giving you the appetite to do work in the midst of tardiness. Giving you the adrenaline that you need in the time where your body seems to give up. Just like any other athletes who drink energy drink in the middle of the game to revitalize their energy and those students who drink energy drink in the middle of the night to make them stay awake studying for their incoming exams the next day. Optimism is like that, without it, me myself cannot withstand all these pressures that have been applied to me by various things. Life is an never ending narrow road with cliffs on it's side. One wrong step, you fall down.
In my case, I almost lost my optimism because of a single trip-off. One lesson learned, never give up in one hit. Always hit back...harder. As goes to one of my philosophies in life: Never surrender... tomorrow is another day. Good day

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