Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Diary: day 8: C'est La Vie!!!

C'est La Vie!!! Good day! This week is our exam week. I got tangled up in borrowing books from my classmates that caused me to delay my entries in my blog. I must cope up with my grades in namely Physics, DS algo and cisco networking. Oooohhh! I forgot I just named all of the major subjects that I have taken this semester! All the remaining subjects are SAD, Philosophy and theology, two of them are minors. In short, if I fail in any of the three subjects that I must cope up with, would throw me out of the division without any hesitation. Speaking of hesitation, the division is getting stricter in our cut-off grades. I got a classmate, who only lacked point(.) something so he could reach our quota grade, got the probationary form of doom! What The! I am getting nervous these days already so gotta give it your all, give everything as if it is my last. Motto of a warrior as I would say. LOL! But all I said is true! Gotta fight. I have lost many battles already. I do solely believed in the saying 'You gotta lose to learn how to win'. I on the other hand, lost so many already so there is no need for me to taste defeat - again. I already tasted it many times in my life. All those embarrassments, failures and series of wrong decisions, enough is enough. I don't think I can take any of those if it were to happen again. Tomorrow would be a day in the temple of doom! We are going have an exam in our theology regarding human sexuality and in Cisco Networking. Anyway, if any of you wondered that C'est La Vie means, it means 'Such is Life'. While writing my entry I got carried away in watching my friend playing game in y3. I feel like I wanted to play the games he is playing and I am feel like I am good at it. LOL!

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