Friday, February 12, 2010

Diary: Day 9: Fraustration and Joy

Greetings guys! The exam week is over and yet I still had to tend to one last subject. Our Java subject. The teacher delayed the exam because as what we speculated, the exam would be difficult. So, I went home here in the province yesterday because I wanted to focus on studying but I don't have the appetite of doing it. So, I ended up here, blogging. Anyway, there are a lot of things that I would like to share to you. The past few days, I was unable to blog because of the exams. In other words, I got a lot of things to tell you about. Last Wednesday, we had our exam in physics and that was a blast! Thanks to the book that I have borrowed that all of the things that I have studied there went out in the exam. I was so lucky. The supposed to be 2-hour exam, was done in only an hour by me. I am really proud of myself. At least, it adds motivation to my part that I am really good in math especially to those equations that you have to derive. Our teacher calls it playing with equations, some call it headache and I call it challenge =)) I got two subject down keying in with two victories among them(I mean I passed the exam). I got three more-two majors and one minor.
The next day, another attack(I mean exam) was conducted by one of our major subjects. I studied very well before the exam. Studied all of the codes and commands. After an hour, Victory! I passed the exam again. Earlier that day, we had an exam with our Theology class. The exam was tough and yet I still managed to escape(I am still not sure if I had passed it). My concern right now is about my Java subject. I gives me shivers down my spine. Especially that I am not really good at java programming. It's even frustrating that I a third year student still unable to master programming.
So much of that. Instead of thinking about frustration, let us think of something else Something positive I suggest. Just to change the direction of the wind. Right now, I was thinking of a valentines date. i don't have any date. Oh my, I wish I had one. I wanted to date that girl that I really like. But she will always remain a dream for me. I got this notion in mind saying that "What would you feel if your dreams ,unexpectedly, came true?". It would be nice but let's get back to reality guys. She will always be a dream for me. I hope she would notice me=)) Anyway, so much for that guys. I'll be blogging this week. My exams are over and I am expecting an all A-grade this midterms. Good day guys!

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