Sunday, February 7, 2010

Diary: Day 7: Blatant Poverty

The face of poverty it is. Good day people. If any of you have read this, please help us. Look at the poverty that we're suffering right now here in the Philippines. People like them are so pitiful. This is the Poverty around the Philippines. I know that helping people without helping themselves first is bad but the main problem we're facing is that poverty is spreading because of corruption in the current government today. Although I am unable to name the officials that were corrupt and even though I know their names I wouldn't publish their names. It is bad to name names and point people. Many had said that poverty is about the attitude that an individual is facing. Poverty is the lack of capacity of an individual to choose which thing is important. As a guy in the province, I am exposed to many kinds of poverty. There are even people who just eat once a day and manage to survive throughout the day. I say it is unbelievable but so pitiful. Look at ourselves, we can be able to eat thrice a day and yet these people cannot. Unfair isn't it? But I would like to stress out that these article is not just about pitying on us. But a lesson that should be learned by many people that facing life is about attitude. Facing poverty is like trapped in a corner surrounded by enemies. That one have to follow what those people who trapped them let them have to do. I have heard many stories of poverty from some of my friends and relatives who are exposed to it. There was one story of a barangay captain telling his people to have family planning, not family planting because in return, they cannot have the fun and enjoyment they can have because of the children they have. But instead of taking it seriously, one guy replied: "captain, because in sex we can have the fun and enjoyment". I was shock when I heard my uncle said this. I said to myself that, you can have safe sex without making your wife pregnant. There are a lot of contraceptives today. Poverty is just about the attitude that people had. I even had an experience talking to an individual, I told him, Mr., why do you let your children just stop from schooling? Education is very important and if one cannot achieve a college degree, work would be difficult. Even those who graduated in college have to journey abroad because not all of those who graduated could find work here. He answered me: "What is the use? we are poor, I cannot afford to bring my children to college". I answered: " There are a lot of ways to do for you to go to college. There are a lot of schools today that offers a low tuition fee and there are a lot of politicians and organizations out there that offer scholarship to those who are less fortunate". "All you have to do is to let your children do well at their schooling especially if they are already at their high school so the other people that offer scholarships would support them". Then, he stared at me badly, and said: "It is easy for you to say that because you are attending school at a university! You can never be able to experience our pain!". I was very annoyed when he answered me like that, so I just leave him as is. And said to myself that why are there many people there who is as poor as this guy can make their children finish up to college? I just don't get it, then I realized that it is just about the attitude of one person. If he/she is willing to give everything for the sake of development within thyself then he/she would do it! I really hate people who goes self pity if they see that they don't have this. As to my point of view, mercy is granted to us by the Lord if we help ourselves at the very best we could. If we want to change ourselves, we must change our attitudes first. Politicians cannot save poverty, they are just there to help and support the people but it is up to the people if they are willing to change themselves. One thing that I have observed about them, once you had helped them, they would just ask for more and depend on the help that one is giving until they become mad because some of those people who used to help them stops helping them. As to my point of view, this is the cause of poverty. The concept that I have provided above corresponds to the reasons that I write. Poverty is the lack of capacity of an individual to choose the right reason to believe in.
That is all folks. Good day!

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