Saturday, February 20, 2010

Diary: day 11: Blue Screen of Death Solved!

Good day guys! I am so happy that my blue screen of death issue has already been solved. It's kind of annoying that you wanna work on your school files when your computer is unavailable because of it. The blue screen of death appears if the memory on your computer had crashed. In this article I will share to you my adventures and misadventures in solving the blue screen of death issue.
First, when the blue screen of death appeared on my laptop I was confused how did or why did it happen. I was working on my school works when my laptop hanged up. Because of me being impatient, I hit the reset button then bang! The Blue Screen of Death. Next, I was so shy to ask my classmates what to do with this blue screen of death. I was scared that they would tease me. And again, because I am impatient, I had gathered enough courage to ask one of my friends what to do. He said, 'You must reformat your laptop. That is the only way Trust me'. I followed his advice and got a windows XP cd(note: It was registered and it was original). I asked him how in the world would it read the XP cd. Simple, boot it up using the bios set up then set the CD/DVD as your 1st boot device. Then restart your computer and put on the cd. After that, I followed every step then I suddenly encountered the Insert Boot Device message and Press Any Key. So I pressed any key. There, the installation took place. I just followed the steps. With the help of I was able to find some instructions. I just followed the steps then I became impatient again. I just clicked and clicked and I encountered the Press Any Key message again. So, I pressed anything. Suddenly I found myself in rebooting my CD/DVD again. LOL! As I read again the instructions, it said there that once you encountered that message again, you just have to wait or else you would start all over again. I was so frustrated that the 30 minutes that I spent went all to waste. I got no choice but to start all over again then I have read the instructions every step of the way. Then I got it. I successfully reformatted my laptop. The sad thing was, some of my important school files and software are deleted due to the reformatting process. Next time, I should provide myself a back up in case it would happen again. To those of you who also encountered the same problem as I do, the internet is always there for resources. I was sorry that I forgot the URL of the site where I got those instructions. That would be all guys. Have a good day. May God Bless you all. :)

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