Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Diary:Day 6 : Luck and L:ovelessness and News

Good day guys! My luckiest day so far guys! for the third time, our physics teacher - again, didn't show up! Maybe his grandma is in a really serious situation. I am so upset yet so happy because last night, I am supposed to be jamming with my friends. Talking about anything around the clock. But I have to go home early for the reason that I am to study for our physics exam. The exam was supposed to be held today but our teacher was absent. Because I haven't stayed last night for jamming, I have missed a lot of things already. Anyway, just now, our another teacher for our next class, again, didn't show up! I could just have stayed home and slept for half a day and write entries for my blog because my entries are a little too late. I am not having my usual routine already of blogging everyday. My diary entry which is supposed to be everyday, I am having it every other day. Last night, I was so bored, so I decided to text my friend if her class was already over but I didn't receive any reply from her. So I decided to go out treat myself for siomai, my favorite! Until sleepiness hit me like a rock. That was after eating 5 siomais. I was like, did you mix any sleeping pills with your siomai mister? After I'm finished drinking my juice, I went back to my boarding house and slowly fell asleep. I was so scared because I haven't had any serious reviews about our physics coverage for exam. Yet I was still thinking about me having no girlfriend. This was the longest streak of months that I don't have anybody holding my hands and waist. How sad, but still happy. No boundaries, NO limits, AND especially I can do anything without considering anybody's feelings about it. Like, going home late at night or early in the morning without somebody worrying about me and keeps on calling me on the phone asking me "where are you already?" or in my free time, I can do the things that I want. Other than you have anybody around bothering you in your free time even though you wish to do something else. Lastly, the type of If you go to the mall they would bug you to go here, go here, wait here. Until your knees and feet are already tired and burning. You wanted to sit, they wouldn't let you because "let us spend more time together". But the bad thing about that is when you are bored and your friends are occupied , you can just go straight to her, give her some love and spend the whole day with her. Especially me, who easily gets bored on something that I usually do. How I wish I could find somebody that could tickle me to the bone. I was planning on dating other women and courting them but time and THEM doesn't permit me to do so. Maybe I was expecting so much on having another girlfriend. It is said there in the book Happiness now(I forgot bout the name of the author. I's so sorry), the more you expect about love, the less likely it would come. So expect less and in an unexpected way, it would come. I feel like my brother is better because he had his first ever girlfriend early January. I congratulate him for successfully being a man!
Enough with those diary stories, about the latest news today that I have read in yahoo. According to http://www.nytimes.com/2010/02/02/us/02fight.html?no_interstitial more and more fighters that were joining the UFC and MMA fighting arena. Take note, THEY CAME FROM MINISTRIES! I mean, they fight carrying the name of their ministry. And their pastor acting as their coach! There are two reasons why this has happened. First, Jesus is a born fighter because he fought how what he believed on until death. Lastly, so that young men whose attendance in the ministry is low would gradually increase. Lame? I think not. LOL! Very smart I should say!
Another would be the new plane that Billionaire Richard Branson and the Virgin Group is unveiling. Not really ordinary but wait! The strange thing is it could fly! - underwater. According to www.yahoo.com or check this link out http://finance.yahoo.com/retirement/article/108737/branson-goes-20000-leagues-under-the-Sea?mod=retire-planning that this new plane that will be unveiled will be operating underwater. It could dive around 100 meters and has a typical speed of 2 to 5 nautical miles per hour. It is said that the plane uses its downward pressure from its wings to fly underwater. It could carry a pilot and two passengers it could flew underwater for two hours. The open cockpit could provide the riders a 360-degree view around it. WOW! Fascinating! It is said in the article that it will be launched on Feb. 20. Just check out the link for more details.
Now back to my diary, up to now I have been having problems on how to make my blog be accepted by google adsense. They say I have put in the incorrect postal address. I have put in the right postal address and I have been doing that four times already and yet the replies are still the same. Please have mercy on me google. I didn't see any problems at all. Anyway, things in my life are going normally as they usually do. A sunny day that make people's armpits wet, a teacher that doesn't have the appetite to teach us new lessons and going home to our province every weekend. The only thing I am nervous bout this time is about our upcoming exams. I already have a successful campaign about having a high score in my philosophy exam. I got 88% in my exam. YEAHBOY! but still I am upset about my laptop. I haven't figure it out how to fix it. Every time I turn it on all those bad words and curses comes out in my mouth! That laptop make me do bad things! I swear! I cannot solve my programming assignments with my laptop but if I use another computer or laptop. I can manage to finish my programming assignments! What's the matter, I can't think well with it. Maybe because it has stayed with me already for over 4 years. Or maybe it has a curse on it but still that laptop has a sentimental value for me. LOL! Right now, I'm listening to the song Sunshine Of Your Love by cream led by Eric Clapton. The song is so cool. The were having a live performance on stage and Eric Clapton is holding a cigar! and smoking it before they played. Take note there are a lot of people! The oldies are so cool! I wish I were born on their time! Clapton was extremely awesome! WOW! Anyway, this is the end of the post now. Good day guys!.

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