Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bitterness of college life

Good day guys. This topic that I will be talking about is the bitterness of college life. Many of us knows that college is fun. Most of the most unforgettable moments in our life is experienced in college. The things that we haven't done in our lives. College life is everything. Away from parents, legal age and many more. Take note, in college we mold ourselves to become future professionals someday. Here lies our future for us. And this is where all of the craziest things happen not like in high school. But college life is bitter as well, much bitter than the life we had in high school. As for me, Grade school and high school is just a from of a preparation for us to go to college. In college, things are much more different. Terrifying professors, crab-mentality minded classmates and being a irregular.
First thing I would tackle about is the terrifying professors part. Many of us college students experience failing. There are many reasons in failing. But the not so valid reason is you did your best in passing the subject but your professor's way is not about going to your favor. Like his/her way of grading students, his/her grading basis and the lecturing sessions. Most terrifying professors had this grading system that once you failed once, you can never get back on track. If ever given a removal exam, if you fail then that decides your future for the subject. And the lecturing session too. The boring lecture session that makes you daydream the whole class. With his/her terms that he/she could only understand. Their explaining method that he/she thinks that your are smart enough to catch the idea he/she wants to give you. I got a friend that shared me about a story of their teacher. There are 40 students enrolled in this particular subject including him. Right at the very beginning they have noticed that their teacher doesn't want them to pass. If they are willing to, as if the teacher wanted them to cry with blood. At the end of the semester, there are only 3,excluding my friend, who passed the subject. Imagine that? 3 out of 40? A harsh way to handle a class and to think that my friend is known to be a high achiever in terms of academics, failed to that subject.
Next is the crab-mentality minded classmates. Do you ever experienced asking to your classmate regarding one topic then he/she would just say I don't know then at the end she got perfect on a quiz regarding that topic? Many college student does that maybe because of the thought that college decides your future. But it doesn't have to be that way. Why can be so greedy if somebody just ask for your help in letting him/her understand about a certain topic? It's not that he/she is asking about your answers.
And finally being an irregular student. It is the hardest thing to be if you are a college student. You can be in any other class with different classmates. Some even play small on you just because you are an irregular. Underestimating your abilities. One thing, irregulars had plenty of free time or rather vacant time. Like your class end at 10am then your next class is at 4pm. That is a lot of free time your got there dude(Smiles). And take note to the irregulars out there, once you are in a class that doesn't belong to your section, have friends with the regulars of that class not to your fellow irregulars or else there would be no future for you in that subject. Good day guys!

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