Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wasted efforts and Irritation

Good day everybody. For many years, we human beings are known to gain something out of the effort that we exert. What if you have exerted effort and yet there are no result? Just like in girls, you put the effort in texting them, chatting them and saying hi to them and yet nothing from them. Instead they choose bastards who doesn't even give the effort to do those things. They kept on chasing them and waste their efforts unto them? I have the same feeling right now. Maybe the efforts that I am exerting are not enough or I just lack the ooze that they are talking of. Same as it is in school. You exert every effort that you have, give everything but in return you failed to pass the exam. WHY? Then your parents would get angry at you and tell you all about the expenses that they have to spend and all the hard work they are in to let you study in a prestigious school in college. And all you can do is bow down and cry yourself out. Cry until you ran out of tears. Blame everything to yourself that you are the most stupid guy in the whole world. Even though what attitude you put in. The optimism in you will always be lost. There are times that these optimism will fade. I chatted to somebody right now and yet I received no reply from that someone. I hope this someone would reply at me. I would be very happy even to the simplest of replies. I know somebody whose a friend of mine. She calls me often if she has some favor to ask me. But if it's my time to ask her a favor, she would not reply on my calls. Sometimes I feel like I am just being used. There was one time that she ask me a favor to make her a HTML webpage. I did everything I could, I even have sleepless nights with it. When I gave it to her, there was no word, not even a single thank you. A week later, I asked her if how was the HTML that I made for her. She said: 'I didn't use it, I used the HTML that was made by my friend'. That really hurt, she said that in a simple manner but every word she uttered hit me like I am stoned to death or something. What a waste, but I just smiled and said okay. Up to this time, this girl is still the same. I really hate that kind of attitude but that's what she is. I cannot do anything else but just to see all my efforts go sucked in a black hole. Why are there people who are like these? You give everything but in return, they don't just give you even a simple complement. As of today, I am avoiding these kind of people. If they want something from me then they must be sincere about it, especially to those people whom I know to be effort-eaters. They go to you teary eyed asking for help and then after that they would now show up anymore if it is your turn to ask for help. There are also people who doesn't allow themselves to be beaten up even up to the simplest of things. I got a friend who even in simple opinions he doesn't want to be beaten up. Take for example, if we are talking about something then opinions would start to rain down, suddenly he would refute all of our opinions making his opinion above of all. I am really irritated at that kind of attitude because it destroys gossips, it could even cause trouble and fights.

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