Friday, February 19, 2010

Greed and Crab Mentality

Good day! Have you ever experienced being pulled down in the midst of glory? In the midst of the wonderful momentum towards success? Crab Mentality it is. Instead of congratulating or helping someone, pulling them instead is what it meant. Crab mentality is a form of greed. It means pulling one down instead of helping him/her out. It is kind of annoying if you got someone pulling you down even though you have done the most out of it. Why are there many of people being like that. As if they do not want to be get ahead of by someone. It doesn't really matter at all if that someone had done the best out of it.
I got someone I know that possess this kind of mentality. This friend is good in academics and other extra-curricular activities. But then if this friend notices that somebody is getting up ahead of her she immediately takes action on stopping these person whatever it takes. There was one situation that we are having a surprise quiz. The teacher announced that the quiz will an open notes quiz but sharing of notes is not allowed. The teacher announced it loud and clearly then suddenly this friend of mine raised her voice on my seatmate that made a last-minute review. Then my seatmate whose very annoyed, yield at my friend. As for me, there is no reason for my friend to raise voices over our classmate that only had a last-minute review. Lucky is my friend that she had known before the class started that we would be having a quiz. There some situations too that I find y friend very annoying because of my friend's display of crab mentality. Why is it that you have to pull one person down if you know that he/she is doing the best that he/she they can.
This attitude has a lot of negative effects towards the doer's life. I mean, with this display of personality, many and many people would hate you. And eventually many would turn their backs on you. People are not foolish enough to help those who pull them down. We all now its bad but let us wake up in reality. People don't care about these things. To generalize everything, Crab Mentality is therefore an attitude that could eventually pull you down even though you are the doer of the action. Good day everyone.

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