Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Diary:Day 10: Annoying personalities and Valentines

Good day guys! Exam week is over and summer break is just around the corner. Today, I got my exam results in my physics exam and as expected, I got it. I passed it! I am so happy that I wanted to show it to everybody. Anyway, my valentines day was a lonely one. Never had a date but instead, I got a date with my family. Suddenly. the worst came out. I got sick, I had flu. My body cannot take its beating anymore. I really have to go. When suddenly my uncle said that I got sick because I got no date. Well, that settles everything else. I got so angry that I forced my dad to get me a taxi home. I was really in a bad mood that day. All those dragging around the mall made me dizzy. I haven't fell any of it in the morning that I was so willing to go with a date with them. When we got ourselves handful in the mall, my body seem to give up. I fought the feeling but I can't take it anymore.
About the diary, I made a delay on my diary again. Anyway, last night I spent my night in the coffee shop talking to my friend. We didn't talk about nonsense but instead we talked about things that could really fire us up with anger and frustration. We discovered that things such as self-pity could easily frustrate a person. Take for example me. I got no money then suddenly a friend of mine, jokingly ask me to treat him to a food trip then suddenly I would say that I got no money because I am poor because my family cannot afford to give me so much allowance. What would you feel? I see it as annoying. Another is when you help someone with something then suddenly he/she would say 'what if'. I hate that. Take for example my friend asked me to help him with his assignment. In the middle of the process he would suddenly say, I wanted to change it. I don't feel like doing it. You would say 'why?' then all the 'what ifs' in the world would appear. Lastly, people that don't have any word of honor. Once you said it, you must do it unless emergency happens. Take for example, a friend of mine would tell me that he would go with me in the province for a smell of fresh air. Then suddenly, when it is time to go he would suddenly say 'I can't go'. Isn't it annoying? Well. so much for that.
About the valentines, I never got to ask someone to go in a date. I got a lot of plans but not of it went to action. Anyway, if any of that went into action, all of those would just go into waste. My brother ask my mom that he would be having a date with his girlfriend but my mom said 'no no no' to him. Because we will be having a date as a family. After that my brother's face became untraceable. I cannot blame him for that but its like the situation of the egg and the chicken. Which comes first? the egg or the chicken? You gotta choose with your girlfriend or your mom. Difficult decision huh? well, that settle's everything up. My debts went up as the Dallas Mavericks got beaten by the Oklahoma Thunder. They rose up to P200. Wew! What a mess it is. Anyway, so much for that. That would be all guys. Good day.

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