Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Philosophy: Social Inequality and Poverty

Good day guys! This topic is one of the most sensitive topics that every person, organization or the world would talk about. The topic about social inequality. We often ask ourselves what is social inequality. Social inequality is the term used if the people in the marginalized section had this certain discrimination that is made by the people who are superior or higher than them in terms of economic stratification. It is simply known as other people doesn't get what they supposed to have. Because of this people in the marginalized section would become poorer and the people higher than them becomes richer. Why is it? People nowadays, especially to those in the higher part of the social stratification triangle is having all these opportunities to rose higher. Why is it? Because of income. Income is the basis of our stratification wherever we are in the world. One has a higher income than the other it means this particular individual has more not just in the context of natural resources but opportunities too. Opportunities to get a higher paying job and the opportunity to get richer. Without income then a particular individual is deprived of his/her opportunity to develop. There are a million of reason that we can name but I would like to site one important reason. As of today, education is very important. This is the easiest way to get to the top. Without this, one would end up in the marginalized section. And education nowadays is getting expensive yearly. Yearly there would be a tuition fee increase. A certain individual regardless of his/her social stratification can make his/her child go to school up to high school for free because of the public schools. only a few can go to college because of lack of financial support even though there are a lot of organizations nowadays that offers a scholarship program to the less fortunate but we must consider about the rising number of the people in the marginalized section. Not everyone is accommodated by these scholarship programs. As a result, people who cannot go to college would end up getting a blue collar job and it would be a part of the circle of his/her descendants. How sad it is to hear this kind of thing but this is the real world. Take note, not all of those students who get a college degree could secure a job for themselves much more if one don't have a college degree.
Many of us kept wondering what is the source of the problem. Simple, it is because of this social stratification. We create boundaries within us that we give the opportunities to those only who can afford to bring their kids up to college and even giving them a post-graduate course. How can we solve this? Nobody except us can solve this. No politician or organization can solve the problem of poverty. It is within the person's personality. It is about a person's determination to rose up higher in terms of social stratification. There was one quote which I read saying that 'Poverty is the lack of ability of one to give values to which he/she should be valuing about'. It means poverty is just about the attitude. It is easier said than done but it is the reality. We must all know that if one belongs to the marginalized section, he/she should strive more because he/she got the disadvantage over to those higher in terms of social stratification than him/her.
How to help them? There are lots of agencies, organizations and even charities that were formed by people both politicians and non-politicians to conduct seminars and teachings to improve an individual's knowledge on how to conquer poverty. It is up to the people if they would listen or care about it but it's one important thing to know. If one is unable to give importance to this knowledge that has been shared unto them then therefore this individual could never rose up from where he/she is standing. Even I had listened to stories to people who came from the marginalized section and eventually rose up. Each one of them has their own secret and it is very common among them. It is about the attitude. The more one would pity him/herself the more he/she is pulling him/her down and the more he/she couldn't develop in terms of social stratification. It is not that I am biased but I also listen to the other side(the marginalized section). Here is the common denominator among them, they tend to not give value to those opportunities that requires them to give extra work. They tend to say 'Just forget about that, anyway it is only by chance that we could grasp this opportunity'. That is one big mistake out there. Let us take in consideration the chances. Always take count of the chances, what if you can be the lucky one who could grab the chance? Even not, at least you have tried and give your best shot. There is no mistake in trying and failing after. It is a part of our learning curve as human beings to experience failure in order to win. We cannot win unless we have faced failure a couple of times. Lucky for those who can afford but them too should exert some effort. Because they are already there they must utilize themselves that they have already grasp the opportunity.
I generalize that Social inequality and even poverty is unsolvable if our attitude is a negative in facing them. No person or organization can solve this even how much effort they have exerted. It is always about the attitude.

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